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Colombian food is it known in Japan? 2006/5/6 19:36
Hey there,

after reading the post "is greek food populair in Japan" I decided to ask pretty much the same question...only I am not planning on opening a restaurant in Japan (maybe..who knows?

Would like to know if Colombian food is actually known or populair in Japan?
Do people like to try out latin and/or Colombian foods?
How about the latin/Colombian population in Japan?


by jerry  

um.... 2006/5/7 04:50
Columbian foods are not even known in the USA and I never have seen any in Japan. Is it different than Mexican food?
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? 2006/5/7 06:07
Not even known in the states? I think you are right that Colombian foods are not known in most the American states but in Miami there is tons of them. Colombian food is very different then mexican food ;-)
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.... 2006/5/7 08:33
Florida? No, we don't go there, we're on west coast.
I don't know what Cuban foods are either.
You should introduce Columbian food.
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.. 2006/5/7 10:35
I don't think Colombian Food is well known in Japan.

To add, beside maybe a few consentrated areas in Florida, Colombian food is not that well known elsewhere in the US, nor is Cuban.

I live in the East Coast.
Though I am lucky I knew someone once who was orginally from Colombia and ate at their home once, however I don't think its very well known around.
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explain please 2006/5/7 13:48
Well, how is Columbian foods different than the foods average people eat around the globe?
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... 2006/5/24 13:26
Colombian food is very different then Mexican foods and most other latin country's. I don't know the Mexican cuisine very well but from what I hear is that mexican food can be very spicy. Colombian food is not. It actually contains a lot of rice, beans, meat and chicken, corn...lots of great dishes with pork...tipical Colombian soups etc!
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Comida Colombiana en Japon 2006/8/21 00:46
Comida Colombiana no es popular en Japon. Pero si hay restrantes colombianas en Tokio. Referente al URL
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comida sudamericana 2006/8/21 01:27
You can find colombian food at most major cities in the us. In Chicago we have more then a few colombian restaurants. We also have venezuelan,peruvian,chilean,brazilian, and argentinian. And it is diferent from mexican, we are so geographically distant with very different kinds of ecology. But its all great food.
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colmbians in Japan 2006/8/25 11:41
Hi, I am irish and my wife is colombian (Monteria). We young, live in Miami and are relocating in December to Kobe with my you know if there are any colombians in Kobe, any colombian restaurants ?????
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in Kobe 2006/8/27 20:36
Hi Mark,
I don't know wheather Colombian food is similer to Jamaican food or not.

If your wife can accept Jamaican food as substitution for Colombian food, there are some Jamaican restrants in Kobe.
"one blood"

I hope this help you.

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colombian food in the usa 2006/9/30 07:49
Most mayor states in the usa have some kind of colombian food restaurant or bakery, that includes new york, florida, california , chicago even texas, and as it was mentioned before colombian food is not like mexican food, i know it sounds redundant but mexican food is from MEXICO there are many other countries south of mexico with different cultures and therefore different foods including colombia, so people please lets try to acknowledge the rest of the continent. and as for colombian food in japan, one of my best friends is a marine and he was stationed in japan for about 2 years, he told me that you do not find colombian places exactly but that you do find places that carry latin foods so the ingridients for colombian food can be found. i hth . and a message for everybody lets embrace the world and everything that it has to offer!
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Colombian Food is Known in The USA 2006/10/5 10:19

i live in New Jersey and believe me, We have Tons of Colombian Restaurants over here! In Elizabeth, Jersey City, Englewood, Linden,and Newark, you can find many Colombian Restaurants in almost every Street! By the way, i Don't think Colombian Restaurants are known in Japan, but you should try to make it popular!


P.S. Vive Colombia 4 LIFE
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Colombian food the finest in the world 2006/11/7 05:53
There is large Colombian community in Tokyo. Yes, there are colombian restaurants in Japan. I was there couple years ago. I visited this restaurant:
Restaurant Delicias,
Nikura Building 6F
7-14-11 Roppongi Minato-ku
Tel & Fax: 03-5772-5546
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Colombian Food in Japan 2008/6/19 22:50
Hii! Im Colombian currently living in Miami but when I was little i used to live in Japan, althou Colombian food is not widely known OVER THERE (becuse it is here in Florida, NYC, Georgia and other states) they love laitn food and no it is NOT like Mexican food, very different, read:

There is a big Colombian community in Osaka, Tokyo and Kobe and you can find a few Colombian places here and there, I plan on doing something so our cuisine becomes a it popular at least in one city. :)
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I am a Japanese 2008/6/24 15:10
I am a Japanese.
I live in Osaka.
I don't know Colombian food and latin food at all.
But Japanese like something new, so you will succeed.
Good luck!!
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ignorance 2009/4/16 20:21
that guy who asked if colombian food is different from mexican food is ignorant. And Im colombian i currently reside in NYC and colombian food is huge in NYC. Im also aware of places in colombia where japanese food is popular. mostly right outside of Bogota. There are many colombians of japanese decent called Nikkei Koronbiajin in japanese. This occured because of an immigration spree in the 1930s. So i wont doubt that somewhere in japan Colombian food is being served. You may have to hire a private investigater but yeh im sure its out there.
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Great... world Cuisine is everywhere 2009/9/2 01:02
Of course you'd experience sucess.. but not just becouse you provide any country food, but cause you do it right. I' m colombian, I had tasted some great colombian dishes abroad, and some awful ones too. I believe there is a growing interaction among world cuisines. For example, Harumi Kurihara, Karen Bussen, and Daisy Martinez Conference on sept 24th 2009 at the NY discusses the influence of LATIN+JAPANESE cuisine in US dishes...

I think you need to decide if your costumers will be colombians or nippon people, if the 1st just call the colombian ambassy and ask fos statistics, if the other case... check the taste coocking for your jap friends, mine love bandejas paisas, ajiaco, calicalentao Arroz con Coco and arepas... they also love my Sakana To Mango (Pan-fried fish with mango), so you see.. all depends!
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Link of Colombian restaurants abroad 2011/6/6 00:37
In this list I found Colombian restaurants in Japan, and other countries
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