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Bungee Jumping...where? 2006/5/10 01:46
there was a posting about skydiving but i want to do bungee jumping. i know somewhere near niigata but thats 2 hours by shinkansen!!! anybody knows anywhere close to Saitama? pleeeeease, or i'll have to go to fuji-ku roller coasters.
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bungee jumping place 2006/5/29 11:59
there's a 20m high tower at yumiuri land for bungee jumping.
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Bungee Jumping 2006/8/27 15:47

I would like to know where can I go bungee jumping? This is the REAL bungee jumping and not just in any amusement parks. I heard that the highest bungee jumping point is in Gunma, if I am not mistaken. Could someone enlighten me on this?
I plan to go there during the 3-day weekend on September 16-18.

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bungee in jpn 2008/8/11 14:10
Wow, just saw this message now, coz i want to do it too...

I know to answer the question is a ''little bit'' late but for future bungee jumpers..


70min by Tokyo
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Bungy Jumping Location 2009/9/16 13:21
Canyons located in Minamaki is only about 70min from Tokyo and they offer Bungy jumping along with a range of other great sports like Canyoning and rafting. They also have some great stuff going on in winter to.
web site is- canyons.jp
Im sure ill be going back again soon as we all had a great time
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