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Japanese hairstyle 2006/5/15 08:08
um..I'm just wonder if anyone know how they achieved the curly/wavy effect in some japanese hairstyles that i'd seen, such as the one shown on this page http://www.joseishi.net/voce/hairfile/ (the vol. 5 medium one). Did they perm it or something?
by Chloe  

Japanese Hair.. 2006/5/15 13:47
That's something that I've noticed, too. From what I can see, it takes fairly thin hair to accomplish, which for people like me(thick hair,omg), is troublesome. I would suggest using a diffuser, which can create a similiar effect.
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vol 5 medium 2006/5/15 14:22
It looks like they cut a lot of layers in and probably used a curling iron or perpahs its a light perm. Plus a lot of blow drying and styling products.
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translation 2006/5/16 11:07
The site says that the particular three hairstyls on photo Vol 3 are done by "digital perm" in which they use heated rods (curlers). The site says that this method is supposed to be effective for types of hair in which perm does not last long, or thick and hard hair, or damaged hair that is having difficulties trying to have it permed. It is supposed to be recommended to people who are not good at fixing their hair by themselves, or for people whose hair is not easy to handle.

Btw, generally speaking, Asian hair is thicker and harder than Caucasian hair and much more thicker and harder than African hair.

Also, the hairstyles on the site are quite typical Japanese styles for ladies that age. You see thousands of them in the street. But I think they're pretty nice!
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Hair 2008/3/12 05:41
Seconded, so many people seem to mistakenly think Asian hair is thin, I wonder why?

Is it because of the racist stereotypes which depict Asians as small and weak?

So actually, Asians have the strongest hair (the thicker it is, the stronger it is) and their hair withstands chemicals better. So don't use any of these bleaching creams if you're not Asian, unless you want your hair to fall out.

And yes, you can't get any of these cool haircuts done to you with thin hair.
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Where did you hear that? 2008/3/12 08:10
Who have you come across that thinks Asian hair is thin? Even before I came to Japan I thought of Asian hair as very thick, and I bet that most people in my country would say the same. It's pretty obvious even without looking closely.

I agree that many of those styles are only possible with thick hair- I (not Asian) have very fine hair (as in each strand is very thin), and I can't imagine being able to do most of them without several cans of hairspray. Thin/ fine hair doesn't lend itself to many styles at all, really.
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Where to get it done in London 2008/6/4 20:34
Hi girls i see you've been talking about the digial perm. One the best things you could do to your hair.
I've had ti doen twice now in two years, lasts for up to a year. But i got it done when I was in australia, looking for an oriental salon to go to here in London that is good. can you please help?!?!?!?
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