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How to call my boyfriend? 2006/5/15 17:36
I'm dating a Japanese guy, in Japanese, and I've been wondering how should I actually call him. I usually just use his first name and he uses mine, without the ''-san''. But sometimes he'd call me XXX-chan, and I've been wondering do girls also use ''-chan'' for their boyfriends or what...? I kind of wanna use it but don't know if it would be weird or something. (I don't know if it matters, but I'm 24 and he's 26.)

Also, how about anata? I've heard that it's just for your husband, so I shouldn't use that one, right?
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... 2006/5/15 18:52
This "-chan" is a bit like "dimunitive" form, as with Spanish names, "Carmen" becoming "Carmencita" or "Raquel" becoming "Raquelita," more often used with girls' name, as it adds this bit of "little..." or "cute...." connotation to it.

But at the same time, I know some couples where the woman also calls the guy with "...chan," as a nickname, clearly with playfulness and intimacy :) So if you want to use it, it would be best to ask the guy if he himself likes it or not.

On the other hand, "anata" would be like saying "my dear," and... well... it is used solely by wife calling her husband, so it would sound quite "sticky" if you know what I mean. I would avoid that.
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. 2006/5/16 10:13
cut his name in half and add kun. For example if his name is Masahiro you would call him Masa kun, or Hideki then Hide kun. Putting chan after a mans name sounds really childish and I wouldnt recommend it unless youre his grandma. So use kun or just call him by his name.
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Thanks for replies! 2006/5/16 22:38
Okkee okkee. I think I got it. Better not to use "-chan" then... (^_^*) I actually do call him now by the first half of his first name, but the "-kun" still feels a bit, well, new for me. But would that be a common word to use for your boyfriend then...?
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chan is fine 2006/5/16 22:53
a lot of japanese guys are called -chan by their gfs. i think its rather cute. and with some names, like "Kenji" or "Shingo" or "Shige", "Ken-kun", "Shin-kun" or "Shige-kun" just don't sound right (to a japanese person, at least). those names just work better with "-chan". just say half his name with "-kun" and "-chan", and see which one you like better. then go with it!

of course, you can also just use his fullname, sans "-kun" or "-chan". that's fine too!
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Ummm 2006/5/29 00:46
Why not ask him ?

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Well... 2006/5/29 19:39
I guess I could ask him, but I think that's a bit embarrassing, and with my japanese, I don't wanna make it too complicated.

Anyway, thanks for all the replies!
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o mae 2006/5/31 09:13
o mae
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omae 2007/9/2 15:14
Im not too sure what does omae means.. is it another word for 'you'? Will it sound rude?
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Omae 2007/9/2 19:40

Im not too sure what does omae means.. is it another word for 'you'? Will it sound rude?

Yes, it means "you", but is a familiar/coarse term used predominantly by men. From what I hear, many girls/women don't appreciate being called "omae" by their boyfriend/husband.
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