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I wanna buy futon, take back home 2006/5/15 22:30
I love Japanese futon bedding, rather than the heavy type they sell in my country, but I am not aware of "real" futon sold here (Australia).

I will be making two trips to Japan this year. Is it possible to buy and bring home the upper part on one trip, the lower part on the other?

Anyone know what they each weigh, approximately?

Or good places to purchcase in either Tokyo or Kansai?
by Irene  

futon 2006/5/17 14:02
the complete futon set would fill something the size of one of the old fashioned steamer trunks, atleast as far as length and width go. Height could be reduced by buying one of those that you can put the futon in and vacuum the air out of it until its only about 30cm high.

A complete futon set can be bought at any of the numerous department stores in Japan.

You should also read abou thow to care for a futon if you dont already know as they need to be aired out outside regularly, and a futon dryer may also be necessary if you live in a humid area.

read this wikipedia article
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thanks for that advice 2006/5/18 08:14
The vacuum information is very useful, and the wiki site was fascinating.

Has anyone else transported their own futon - as luggage or as postage parcel?
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Futons! 2007/9/2 13:21
I am currently in tokyo, looking for another futon myself. But! Six years ago, I bought a futon in Tokyo, and used one of those air compressors to shrink it. I put it in a box, and checked it in my luggage; very convenient and no extra charges. This time however, I think I will try to just send it to my parents house in Philadelphia.
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futon 2007/9/2 14:19
l saw futons in Japan at the Loft store (there is one in Umeda Kita not far from the Hankyu Grand hotel. it is a great store, selling all sort of stuff for the home, office etc. the futons were already packed and it didn't look like a big box (you might still need an extra suitcase or duffle bag for it, so mailing it may be worthwhile.
remember that "a futon" is actually a set of what we call a futon (bottom part) plus a top quilt. that part is bulkier and bigger. remember also that, unless you have a tatami floor, if you sleep on the floor you will need a thin base ( a couple of inches high) made of wood slats (some western beds -like mine-come with slats instead of a boxspring so I have no problems w/ my western style futon). . slats allow the futon (bottom part) to breathe and let the perspiration from your body escape in the air.
otherwise it may mildew (according to my Japanese friends). Ikea has special bases w/ slats for single futons. Do you have Ikea in Australia?
http://shop.edion.jp has an internet catalogue and also a paper catalogue available in Japanese bookstores. lots of great stuff.
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UMO FUTON (feather-stuffed futon) 2007/9/2 14:19
Also, I suggest you to buy futon stuffed with feathers (UMO FUTON Hѕzcjinstead of ones with cotton. UMO FUTON is much lighter and easier to be taken care of. (You don't need to dry it in the sun so often) And it can be smaller than cotton futon when you shrink it by a vaccume cleaner!
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... 2007/9/2 14:21
vacuum, I mean. Sorry for mistypo.
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Mailing a futon home 2008/2/11 12:08
I bought a futon and mailed it home. The men at the post office were very nice about compacting it even more than I had. I don't remember how much I paid to mail it (Not cheap I'm sure), but it came only a few days after I mailed it. So, it can be done.
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thanks 2008/2/16 15:59
Believe it or not, I still haven't made my purchase. But I still go to Japan, and I will do it.

Just that these days I get plenty of chance to sleep on other peoples' (well, hotels') futon.

But thanks for the data and thought.
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How about this 2008/5/16 06:25
It's probably a little more expensive than anything you will buy in japan, however they do offer international shipping


Can't you just take three wooden crates, sand the panels down and tie them together for slats, Seems to me that this would be a cheap alternative, that could also be rolled up and stored out of the way.

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