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Who watches/reads Fruits Basket? 2006/5/21 03:57
I thought someone here might be able to tell me any other popular anime similar to Fruits Basket that I may enjoy, and if there was anyone that may like to talk about Fruits Basket with me?
by Leanne  

. 2006/5/22 11:47
I've watched it.

Fruits Basket has a very familiar setting but the focus of the story is quite unique.

You could try Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover).
There's a review at www.animeacademy.com
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. 2006/5/22 22:10
Oh, you can email me if you want to talk about it in detail.

furikuriu *cough* at *cough* hotmail *cough* dot *cough* com
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similar animes 2006/5/23 09:19
i do enjoy Fuburu. other animes/manga you might enjoy are Ranma 1/2, Ouran High Host Club, and other high school mangas similar to Fruits Basket. but i garuntee u'll love Host Club, its one of my new favourites :)
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Yes 2006/5/31 07:17
Yes, I read the manga, I haven't gotten to watch any of the anime yet though. The story is very good.
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... 2006/6/13 08:33
well i do... itz very cute... and i hope i can read the 14th volume as soon as it comes out...

you can also read:
Tokyo Mew Mew
One Piece
Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode
Girl Got Game

well that's all...

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ITS VERY INTERESTING 2006/6/14 11:41
I love Fruits Basket. In fact I've watched it more than 4 times. The song, story and everything about it is nice & it brings good advice too. If u wanna talk bout it, I'll be willing to listen.tq
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I do 2006/6/25 08:10
I do!!!!!!!!!!1 I own volumes One through thirteen with the exception of not having volume nine.
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life sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2006/6/28 09:16
you know what. in japan their at volume 20 in fruits basket and i learned news thatkyo and tohru and KISS! And that somehow kyo has something to do with kyokos death, but tohru says she still loves him. Anyway, tohru falls off of a cliff and is in the hospital. and some people think tohru might kill herself! (she can't die) and why would tohru kill herself anyway. thats not her!(she thinks kyo doesn't accept her, but i'm like he did kiss her after all) and thats why life sucks.(i cant beleve that there going on to 20 volumes (not to mention the series isnt over yet) and we dont even have 14 volumes in english yet!!!!!!!)
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Ouran High School Host club 2006/7/16 07:56
Ouran High School Host club is exactly like Fruits basket they sorta take momiji
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GAHH! 2006/8/31 03:58
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Tohru + Kyo 2006/9/4 06:01
If you just look across the internet, you can download english ones up to Umm.. chapter 125 I think.. and thats volume 22 I think lol. Anyway I've read them all but the last chapter and lets say the endings a happyending ^^
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TOHRU LIVES 2006/10/3 05:25
if u go on wikipedia.com it tells you alot. the charactor info n' stuff is there or go on google and type in what chapter you want and it gives you a summary of the chp. but irealllyy love takayas manga. its so good it brought me to tears. oh, yeah, what website can you get free downloads of fruits basket from? when i looked it up on google, ionly found the first chapter of volume 16. (that was like last year
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i forgot something 2006/10/3 05:30
oh yeah. i forgot something. the reason they come out so slowly here is because they come out only like 3 times a year in japan.(got that from tokypop magazine(its free!!!!) at tokyopop.com) i wish theyd have them come out faster.
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WHAAA?! 2006/11/26 12:22
WHY?! Why do you TELL what happens?! Why are you SHARING this infomation!? If we really want to know before reading it, then we'll go on Wikipedia! OH I REALLY HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS! I BASICALLY KNOW THE WHOLE ENDING! *grumble*
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And one last thing... 2006/11/26 12:24
..I think there's gonna be 27 books
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. 2006/11/26 18:14
i read fruits basket before. but only until the 12th book then i got bored of it. haha. but i would reccomend fushigi yuugi(it's really good!), the genbu kaiden one is also quite nice..., zettai kareshi, alice 19th... especially those by yuu watase. their really interesting. ^^ or you could always go to the bookshop and search for those not so well-known titles. sometimes you may stumble upon a nice book or two, you never know! ;)
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Yeah 2006/12/2 08:49
I've read the volumes 1,2,3,4,5,6,10, and 11.Probably one of the best shoujo manga comics in terms that it doesn't need sentai teams, overexaggerated characters, or simple and meaningless relationships to be good. Kyo's the best; he's the typical cool guy with a heart.
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fruba AHOY!!! 2006/12/6 10:41
i'm a dweeb.........
well, anyway, in japan they ended the series with 23 volumes.(136 chapters) You can get scans on msn.com and search 'fruits basket 130' and near the end of the first page willbe a website with volume 19 - 23 scans.(chapter something to 127 in english.) But when i clicked scanlation, and saved the file, the file was locked, or zipped or something, so i couldn't read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heart fruba!!!!!!!! Wahhhh! It's not fair! If anyone knows another website to scanlations, pleaze tell me!
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Fruits and Ouran 2006/12/16 08:20
I'm reading Fruits Basket.
I own the DVDs :]
And the books, but I'm in volume 22.

But someone posted earlier, that Ouran High school has a person similiar to Momiji. Very true. They are so similiar, when I watched the episodes, they sounded exactly the same ( turns out the lady did both of their voices) anywho.
I would recommend
Ouran High School Host Club

ANND. Hana-Kimi.

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