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Dreadlocks in Japan - will people stare? 2006/5/24 00:21

I've got long, electric blue dreadlocks. I'm wondering if people will have a bad impression of me in Japan, or stare. In Korea, the locals REALLY stare at foreigners, so I'm wondering if the Japanese will do the same. They've got the goth lolitas, so maybe a cybergoth won't be so strange?

Also, will I be banned from onsens because of the dreadlocks?
by nightwish  

.. 2006/5/25 09:42
If you saw someone else with electric blue dreadlocks would YOU stare or look at them?

I'm sure that most people in most countries if they saw someone with blue hair would get a stare and glance.

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Common sense.... 2006/5/25 09:47
Come on....
People in AMERICA would stare at blue-colored hair!!
(i know...i use to have my hair colored blue)
And the Japanese already look at foreigners like aliens, so OF COURSE there going to stare.....COME ON, Duh! Lmao(-__0) =P

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Oh yea..... 2006/5/25 09:53
Oh and come on, theres goths in America, but unless there in a mixed/awesome city like NY! there stared at too!!!

(I'm not "gothic" but by how i dress, i sometimes get lumped into that cat., and i get stared at here in NC)

So just becuase theres people who are into gothic lolita in Japan, does not mean you won't get stared at while walking down Tokyo....lol ESPECIALLY since your foreign, i mean gothic lolitas might stare at you since your a FOREIGN goth, lol =P

Now the Onsen thing.....well i'd like to think that the japanese aren't THAT bad, but you never know....i mean you know the whole tattoo thing...even though yakuza's have tattoos in onsens, theres many that ban tattoos....

So some onsens might not care, some might. But i personaly, don't see why they wouldn't let you in =)

As long as your not loud/drunk/rude/or anything like that lol =)

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I reckon it's normal 2006/5/25 12:43
Umm... I haven't been to America, but in UK, people don't really care (unless I wander into a chav council estate). In Camden, I even look tame. Too many of us running (or should I say stomping, with New Rock boots ^_^ ) around, hence the terms mosher, cybergoth, cyberpunk, velvet.

Usually people just glance once and continue walking. I'd do the same to someone in Burberry.

I guess I'm referring to the kind of staring where people actually circle around you, stand right in front of you and stare. This happened in Korea, I'm serious! Once, I sat down, and someone came up to me and started counting the piercings on my ears!
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Staring 2006/5/25 13:31

In my experience, Japanese people over the age of about 10 are generally polite enough not to openly stare at other people's unconventional appearance, but they will certainly have a good look when they think it is safe to.
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onsens 2006/5/25 18:58
re- the onsen question

you will have to just go and try - hard to say if they will stop you or not. There are rules about tattoos and about dying your hair while at the onsen, but I have never seen rules about having dyed hair. Or dreads.

As for gothic lolitas, they are not stalking the country as much as you might imagine. Most Japanese dress quite plainly.
That said, if you already have the blue dreads and plan on coming here, there is nothing stopping you. I'm sure most people will judge you on your actions and not your looks, so use your common sense and you will be fine.
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You have a point 2006/5/25 21:14
Nightwish, you have a point there. Where there are Goth Lolitas, people probably won't stare at you, just like people in Cameden won't stare at you. That would be Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku or Roppongi (except that Roppongi generally doesn't have Goth Lolitas).

But if you happen to be sitting at a park bench in a small residential area and a teenager or some loud middle-aged lady comes up to you and circle around you, I wouldn't be surprised if it gradually gathers a crowd. I think the same thing can happen if you were in a small residential area park in London.
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Uh-huh 2006/9/4 19:07
Make sure you never come to Japan then, where if you are not Asian, even without the dreads and piercings people stare at you. I have natural coloured hair and pierced ears and I would have a very busy time here in Tokyo (and a very sore hand) if I punched all those people in the face.
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From a former blue-haired girl 2006/9/4 19:12
I don't know about the hair color, but I've seen Japanese people with dreadlocks so its not exactly "new". In Japan, once in a while I see people with all sorts of crazy colored hair and styles. Oddly enough, sometimes no one stares at them.
But being a foreigner, it's already a given you'll be stared at. Your hair won't make a difference. I say just go and have fun, afterall stares don't hurt. ^-^ They're just out of curiosity.
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. 2006/9/26 06:27
dont worry about it all people have there opinions
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Damn skippy they will. 2007/11/30 22:30
I have dreads (though not blue) and I get some stares! But frankly, I got stared at long before I had dreads just because I am a foreigner. I did have a lip piercing before as well, but I had to remove it for my work because someone complained. So yes, you are going to be stared at. Le boo.
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will people stare? 2007/12/1 16:49
I don't understand the point of the question! surely anyone who works very hard at looking very different from the average person do it to be stared at? some people dress with vintage clothes, or full leather outfits wit hstuds and chains,others have dreadlocks etc.
in my mid-teens(many many many years ago)I was a very geeky boy (with a wild imaginary life) and one day I bought a bunch of US army surplus store: green parkas with a fur collar, camouflage pants, jeans with 15 pockets, cowboy shirts etc. At the time most boys in the Europea country where I lived wore grey or blue dress pants, white shirts etc. no one wore jeans,even outside school. I was one of my school top students so the teachers only screamed and ranted for a couple of days. Even the big jocks in school were impressed. Did I got stared at in the street? of course and I loved every minute of it.
go ahead with your dreadlocks and enjoy the attention! (I especialy like dreads with beads into them and a few locks in red, yellow etc.)
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onsens and tokyo 2007/12/2 04:30
my husband and i are both very goth. While travelling, we did stop at an onsen. It was a small family run one, and they were very kind. and when we mentioned that we needed to purchase towels and soap (we hadn't planned on stopping) they gave it to us for free saying it was a 'welcome to japan' gift from them. :) The husband knew some english and was asking where we were from, what brought us to japan, how long were we here, etc. we had had no issues about our appearance anywhere, even with the hotel.

As for dreadlocks, i saw several japanese with them as well. dyed hair is nothing new there either. I saw every color of the rainbow.

The only stares that we ever got were more because we were foreigners than anything else, and they were very few. found tons to add to my wardrobe in harajuku, shinjuku and shibuya.
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Yes, they will stare 2008/9/3 04:45
Hi, I am a black American with silver dreads who has been living in Japan for two years. Japanese people definitely stare at dreaded hair, but it is out of curiosity and always feel like a compliment to me. I think they are fascinated with foreigners in general. Come to Japan the people are gracious.
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