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Straight perm 2006/5/26 23:55
Hi, I had a straight perm 2 days ago, but there seems to be a kink in the back already, it doesnt seem to be as smooth as other friends who have had same process done. Is it right to go back and ask them to re-do it?!
by Ellen O'Hare  

Straight perm? 2006/5/28 12:34
What is it?
Can you explain to us how that was done?
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... 2006/5/28 13:21
If it was as recent as two days ago, I think it's OK to go back and ask (at least) if it looks "right"... maybe they will re-do it, or they might give you some tips about taking care of hair that's gone through straight perm process...
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Depends 2006/5/29 07:08
Depends on the type of establishment you went to. Usualy the very expensive places, like the privately owned places, will re-do it for you if you are unsatisfied. But the cheaper places ( like San Patsu Ya ) will not provide that service. I recently had mine done ( cut perm color ) in a cheap place in matsumoto. The ends weren't colored properly so I called them up. They stated that they don't provide a service to re-do my hair and that I was asked if it was ok before I got out of the chair.
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been there 2006/5/30 14:11
I had a straight perm years ago, and because my hair is so naturally curly, it never gets completely straight. It was always a bit fluffier and frizzy than I wanted it to be. I was expecting a sleeker straight, but alas, it didn't happen. It may just be that your hair doesn't take the perm well.
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Straight Perm 2007/4/7 19:40
Does anyone know where I can get my hair Oxidize (Straight perm) in Okinawa? thank you.
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. 2008/1/17 00:48
If you get it done properly the whole process should take about 3 hours.
First the wash your hair, then put some chemical in it and heat it for about an hour, then rince, then put some thing else in, then they wash it again. After that the iron it, and put some condition stuff in.

In Okinawa king cobra does a good job, they have a shop in Naha and Chatan
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hair 2008/1/17 08:13
I assume from your name that you aren't Japanese. I went and had a straight perm in Osaka. They explained to me that because my hair wasn't the same as natural Japanese hair (I'm only 1/2 Japanese and although my hair is still very dark, and thick, it isn't as course as Japanese hair) they were worried about using the harshest chemicals on my hair as they might damage it. They told me that as my hair was finer than theirs, it wouldn't need as long etc etc, and they were worried about damaging it. Maybe this is what happened to yours - mine came out well and lasted about 3 months, only 1 of which was poker straight.

I'd just say bare in mind that it does damage your hair a lot - even more so if they treat it some more. my hair lost it's silkyness right the way until it grew out so be careful.

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