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Akiyoshidai plateau 2006/5/29 07:25
I have been trying to find out a way to get from Hiroshima to Akiyoshidai plateau, but can't find anyone. Does anyone know any good way to go there by train and probably bus too?
by Upa  

... 2006/5/29 10:21
Take the shinkansen from Hiroshima to Shin-Yamaguchi (30 minutes, 5000 Yen) and then take a bus to Akiyoshidai (45 minutes, 1140 Yen).

Note that the bus between Shin-Yamaguchi and Akiyoshidai is not a JR bus. In case you travel by Japan Rail Pass, you can go to Akiyoshidai for free by taking a train from Shin-Yamaguchi to Yamaguchi Station (15 minutes) and take a JR bus from there to Akiyoshidai (50 minutes).
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. 2008/1/3 18:03

I heard that for new grass to grow well, old twigs and dead grass are burned on Akiyoshi... I was hoping to see it before it got burnt.. and perhaps whilst it gets burnt... but if the reason it gets burnt is because it needs to be burnt because it's winter and the grass dies off in winter... should i not waste the time and effort to get there beforehand and then come back a week or so later to see it get burnt?

Thank you, any advice is appreciated.
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