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Best place to exchange currency 2006/5/31 01:59
My friends and I are going to Japan from June 10-June 30. I have about 2,000 USD that needs to be converted into Yen. Where would be the best place to do that?

Does anyone here have experiences with foreign currency exchange in the state of Georgia?
by Chang  

Blah.... 2006/5/31 09:57
I have no clue why so many people don't know this lol, but just go to any major Bank in the states before you leave.....

Have a good trip!!

by Iza rate this post as useful

Money exchange 2006/5/31 10:20
The best rate is at the Post Office in Japan. YES, they exchange money. Do a small amount at the air port in Japan then the rest at PO.Just returned 05/28,airport was about 106 yen to $ and PO about 109 yen
by Mike rate this post as useful

.. 2006/5/31 11:16
I have no clue why so many people don't know this lol, but just go to any major Bank in the states before you leave.....

Because banks in the States give some of the WORST exchange rates. The best exchange rates can be found in Japan. Usually at an ATM machine.
by . rate this post as useful

Heya agian lol ^.~ 2006/5/31 14:10
Well he was asking about places in 'the states'.

And i use to always think it was common knowledge to just go to the bank for it....a bank in ANY country, even though i said the states, my comment of "why do ppl ask this ?" was becuase its really the same anywhere.....just go to a bank lol......and yes, the rates suck! lol =) =(
But still millions of travelers go to the banks here in the states =P....XD

by iza rate this post as useful

exchange 2006/5/31 17:26
use the post office at the airport, check Narita website for business hours, or any othe rpost office in Japan.
by mumu rate this post as useful

Tokyo money exchange 2006/6/1 01:05
There is a money exchange in Tokyo called Daikokuya that offers pretty competitive rates, usually 2-3 yen better than the bank rate. There are several locations throughout Tokyo, but the only one I know is right across the street from Tokyo Station when you take the Yaesu North Exit.
by Srikant rate this post as useful

Great suggestions 2006/6/1 03:30
Thank you all for your replies. I looked around Atlanta yesterday and found the rates in GA to be very bad for anyone wanting to travel.

My friends and I will look into the Post Office and Narita Airport Exchange suggestions once we arrive.
by Chang rate this post as useful

. 2006/6/1 04:41
Actually Iza, he asks wheres the best place, then asked if anyone had any experience in the States. Two different questions.
by .. rate this post as useful

Hi 2006/6/1 18:35
Stop by 82 bank ( s@j
They only charge a small commission of around 800 yen for 50,000 yen of currency. They are also up to date. Be careful of smaller banks. When you hand over the currency they will check it against a book for authenticity, sometimes this book can be out of date and show your countries old currency , so when they compare your new currency with the old, they will deny an exchange.
by Azumi rate this post as useful

definitely better once you're there 2006/6/1 20:09
I'm leaving for tokyo tommorow... when asked, my bank wanted over 20% commission to order in yen. Definitely not worth it.
by mak rate this post as useful

cash vs. travellers check 2006/6/15 02:34
Is the exchange rate the same for cash vs. travellers check?
by Takyiu Liu rate this post as useful

... 2006/6/15 06:28 does currency exchange. It's rates we're the same as the hotel I'm going to stay in. Plus there was no shipping charge and no payment for exchangong money.
by Nick rate this post as useful

citibank atm 2006/6/15 08:34
I have a Citibank checking account in the US and I use the ATM card to withdraw cash in Citibank ATMs in Japan. The rate is pretty good. Plus there is no wait in line and you can do that around the clock.
by baxter rate this post as useful

Currency Exchange 2007/8/23 00:17
Hello guys. I called my bank to see what their currency exchange rate is to convert US Dollars into Japanese Yen and the exchange rate is 0.00919. Is this good or bad? for $257.00 I will get 28,000 yen.
Let me know. Thanks!!
by Amarys rate this post as useful

. 2007/8/23 00:44
You'll get a slightly better to better exchange rate in Japan.
by John rate this post as useful

Curious Too 2007/8/23 02:05
I am kind of curious too...

Also, do the post offices in Japan accept Canadien currency? I remember reading somewhere that some places in Japan might not accept certain currencies (not sure if CAD is common enough in Japan or not although I know USD is accepted everywhere).
by Amanda rate this post as useful

... 2007/8/23 08:34
I could be wrong but post offices except ones at the international airports do not accept foreign currencies. They only sell foreign currencies but not buy them.

Travelex accepts numbers of currencies including CAD. You can check the latest rate here. O݁{~ is the rate from foreign currencies to the yen.
by J Lady rate this post as useful

Correction 2007/8/23 08:38
Sorry for misinfo. They accept foreign currencies. But what currencies they accept depend on each office. Ones at the airport accept CAD.
by J Lady rate this post as useful

Currency Exchange 2007/8/25 04:34
I am arriving on a Saturday and I thought that maybe the bank and the post office would be closed by the time I get there, so I want to have some Yen to pay for my NEX package and then when I get into tokyo I can try to locate a post office and exchange more money, maybe on Monday.... Thanks for the response
by Amarys rate this post as useful

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