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what does nandemonai mean? 2006/6/6 11:07
help would be greatly appreicated ^^
by JJ  

... 2006/6/6 23:28
"It's nothing" is what it says...
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never mind 2006/6/6 23:35
never mind
by obasan rate this post as useful

.. 2006/6/7 07:02
umm so which is it??nothing?or never mind?
by JJ rate this post as useful

.. 2006/6/7 07:21
To give you an english analogy:

For example someone is saying something to you and you ask them something"

And they would respond.
"oh its nothing"
"oh nevermind"
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betsu ni? 2006/6/10 08:23
what abt betsu ni? can they be used interchangabily?
by jieyi rate this post as useful

nan demo nai. 2006/6/11 23:12
Say your friend shreaks because he/she saw a spider, you go into the room and say Doshita no(what's wrong)? Then your friend says nan demo nai,( nothing's wrong nevermind, it's nothing,) I thought I saw a spider but it was actually a feather from my pillow.
by sarahck rate this post as useful

Bestu ni and Nan demo nai 2007/6/11 13:50
''Betsu ni'' is ''nothing'' as in nothing is wrong or nothing's up

''Nan demo nai'' is ''It is nothing'' as in nothing is bothering you

''Betsu ni nan demo ni'' is ''Nothing in particular is bothing me''

Meanings are pretty much the same up vary with the circumstances
by Saseru rate this post as useful

what does nandemonai mean? 2008/1/11 08:19
It means "Nothing."
Nandemo means "Anything" or whatever synonyms you can think of, while the -nai suffix is used to add a negative meaning. (The complete opposite, eg. someone ask you "Kowaii ka?" "You scared?", and you would reply "Kowakunai yo!" "I'm not scared!").
So the opposite of something is nothing.
by Heavenwargod rate this post as useful

What does nandemonai mean 2008/4/4 10:00
don't have anything
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Old Thread 2008/4/4 13:34
I see this is an old thread that got bumped for some reason, but now I'm curious and have a question:

Can nan demo nai be used if someone bumps into you and says sorry?

Can it be used like 'its no big deal'/'it nothing/alright'

I'm curious thanks for answering.
by me rate this post as useful

... 2008/4/4 14:27
To me,

Unfortunately, no, it cannot be used in that situation. I think the situation given by sarahck was pretty illustrative of how it would be used - it's "nothing" in the sense of "don't worry about what I said earlier..." it's more like when you want to take back what you said earlier.

The phrase you can use when someone bumps into you and says sorry would be:
- Daijoubu desu. (I'm alright.)
- Iie. ("No," in the sense of "not at all, don't worry.)
- Go-shinpai naku. (Please don't worry.)
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Thanks 2008/4/5 07:52
Thanks AK!
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A little more detail 2008/11/26 07:08
"nandemo" is an adverb meaning "anything, any, or everything" (JDIC). "nai" is the negative short form of the verb aru which means "it is" or "there is" so the literal translation becomes: "it is not anything" or less verbose "it is nothing"
by JP rate this post as useful

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