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how to buy motorhome in Japan 2006/6/11 13:07
I am keen to buy a large used motorhome in Japan for several months of exploring and eventual export to Australia.Do these units become available through vehicle auctions? Any info about buying ,using and export would be appreciated..Regards..Dave
by Dave  

motorhomes rare here 2006/6/12 10:19
Do you mean the large motorised homes like they have in the US? I have only seen a handful of motorhomes (smaller kind) or caravans in my time in Japan, and never any of the big ones - they must be rare here, probably because the roads are often so narrow that there are too many places they couldn't go, and parking is also difficult (not many campsites, and you can't just park on the roadside in most areas). Perhaps they have them more in Hokkaido... But I don't think they would really be very practical for touring much of Japan. Something the size of a VW camper might be OK.
by tokyoite rate this post as useful

Good Resources for Motorhomes 2006/7/3 09:50
Try the July 11 Motorhome Show at Kansai's Exhibition Center.
by Iva rate this post as useful

Date Correction for INTEX Event 2006/7/3 09:55
9/23 (Sat.) - 9/24 (Sun.)
10:00 - 17:00
Venue Hall 3
Biggest Kansai exhibit of nearly 90 camping cars and trailers
Organizer: Kansai Camping Car Show Secretariat c/o Media Max
Tel. 06-6943-6771
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Buying a Motorhome in Japan 2007/11/29 15:52
Hi Dave, Yes, motorhomes are rare here... but they're here. Go to and follow the links to Motorhomes for an overview of the market. I'm an Aussie who has been in Japan since 1991 and love motorhomes. Your problem isn't so much in sourcing one here as getting it back into Australia. There are a few options - Personal Import (I've done one of these myself), Pre 1988, Fifth Wheeler or a rebuild. Some of these are easier options than others! Let me know if I can help. PS The Japanese market has some great buys because of the high depreciation rate.... generally much better value than the Australian market at the moment. Hope this helps.
by John Hawes rate this post as useful

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