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Universal Studios Japan 2006/6/19 20:31
Osaka City
hello! how do i get to Universal Studios Japan from Takaishi City, Osaka. also, please suggest best/shortest route from ogaki pref. to USJ. thanks!
by stella  

... 2006/6/20 12:13
how do i get to Universal Studios Japan from Takaishi City, Osaka.

1) Nankai Railways from Takaishi to Shin-Imamiya (30 minutes)

2) JR Osaka Loop Line from Shin-Imamiyama to Nishi-Kuji (7 minutes)

3) JR Sakurajima Line from Nishi-Kujo to Universal City (4 minutes), which is the closest station to the Universal Studios.

also, please suggest best/shortest route from ogaki pref. to USJ.

What is ogaki pref.? Do you mean Ogaki City in Aichi Prefecture? If yes, you can look up train connection by entering "Ogaki" and "Universal City" on the page belwo:
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Osaka - USJ --> covered by JR Pass? 2007/9/21 18:02
hi, i am getting the 7day JR Pass but is very confused what rail lines are actually covered under the pass.

Assuming i am going to Universal Studios (USJ) from Nagoya..i understand the Shinkansen will be covered till Shinosaka station.

1. From Shinosaka to Osaka station, is it covered under the JR Pass if i take the JR Kyoto line or JR Rapid service.

2. From Osaka station to NISHIKUJO station..will the JR pass cover the train ride on JR Osaka-Loop Line?

How do i find out exactly which rail line is covered? does it mean if there is a JR XXXX line means it would be covered under the pass?

Very confusing indeed..
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Yup! 2007/9/22 04:53
Clarie, the JR Pass will work on the Osaka Loop. Basically, any JR line, local, express, Shinkansen, etc., will be covered by your 7-day pass. It also covers the the JR ferry between Hiroshima and Miyajima. You can't use it on any of the non-JR lines, like Hanshin, Nankai and the rest.
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Thanks! 2007/9/22 13:58
Thanks Aurora!

u're a great help..now i m less confused!! =)
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JR PASS 2007/9/23 06:43
For anyone reading the previous posts, most especially the confusion about the JR pass "which railway lines are covered" here is what Japan-guide.com says:

"The Japan Rail Pass is valid on almost all trains on the nationwide network of JR (Japan Railways), including urban train lines and the shinkansen (bullet trains), as well as on many JR bus lines and the JR Miyajima ferry. Pass holders are also eligible for free seat reservations" etc. etc.
in addition japan-guide.com has, under transportation, mini maps showing JR lines in various areas.
One should also Google the various JR sites (www.japanrail.com/ ) for more details, the various lines etc.
by the way since Sept .1 the Icoca smart card is now good not only for the Kansai but also all the way to Hiroshima!
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