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laser machine for hair removal 2006/6/26 16:08
Hey I just saw them on shop chanel here in japan selling a small machine laser for hair removal of body & face....
Is it safe? did they test the side effects of it before selling it? or they are just marketing it & that is all??? & i wonder did any ofe you use it or using it? how is it like ? am really scared thinking whethere to buy it or not. plz give advice.
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Re: 2006/6/28 18:18
I would like to know where I can buy one? Is there any websites for it?
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... 2006/6/29 09:44
I don't know a special web site but I think they sell it in a shop called Deodeo . it is a shop in Japan .
it seems your question mean you want to buy it...
do you think it is safe?
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Without traveling 2006/6/30 08:14
I think you can find this sort of thing in the usual place : Yahoo Auction Japan.

here is one:

As for safety: Japan has some very strict regulations in place for what can be sold to the public regarding safety standards. Even some medicines which we can buy over the counter in other countries are prescription only. I wouldn't worry about it, it should be perfectly safe.
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Mmm SO KANA 2006/6/30 14:57
Is it really true that it is 100 percent safety as long as it is from japan??

well some accidents happened before from japanese products inside japan.. it was a product for babies... It even was on the news recently...

But still what you said doen't relief my worries about it's bad effects . SO IS THERE ANYONE USING IT CAN ADVICE ME?!!!
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not sure but... 2006/7/1 01:55
I know nothing about this particular machine, but there are (legal) salons that give you simple lazer treatment to remove your blemishes, and I've read user's comments on the Japanese internet saying that it left a mark on their skin or that their skin became more sensitive.

It depends on what you call "safe", but if everything is really safe in Japan, we won't need any consulting service. But maybe this machine works for you. You never know.
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Doctor says 2006/7/1 19:10
I spoke to a "Naika" doctor today, who convieniently lives just over the road from my friend's house and is good friends with her.
He has never heard of any accidents involving these home laser treatment methods/devices. But he suggested that they are far less powerful than the clinical ones and thus would be more tedious to use. However, safe according to him.
Bear in mind, he is not a dermatologist so his opinion may not be that of a dermatologist.
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oky 2006/7/4 12:53
Simply my question is: does using it lead to cancer??
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I have tried such machine two times 2006/7/18 16:25
I am from china and think it is satety when you use hair-removal machine, i have tried IPl coollight hair-removal machine for two times and hair under my armpit has been completely removed and no injury happend. If you have some questions please contact me, i know something about hair-removal and tattoo-removal.
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kario jiang- was it permanate? 2007/7/8 20:09
This is a question for kario jiang who posted that her underarms were completely hair free after 2 treatments- Did the results really stay permanate? If so, where can I get one of these machines?
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I-epi ? 2007/7/17 17:30
Are you talking about the I-EPI machine??

The one that sells for around 140,000Yen?

It covers an identical area similar to salon machines and the wavelength is identical too.
The power MAYBE less though I think maybe not. Havent checked though the amount of joules energy seems to be the same.

Dont waste your time on PINPOINT lasers.

You need either salon machines or something like i-epi since these cover a larger area in 1 single zap. Hence hair removal becomes much more acceptable.

Ive only read good things about I-epi but for that price I want to make sure it really is good.

Any opinions?
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Ipl hair-removal is permanent 2007/7/27 18:19
Yes,I tried IPL machine for two times and the armpit hair is completely removed, now hair does't grow up,I think it is permanat.Ihave my own IPL coollight hair-removal machine.You know my husband make it for me ,so I am very convienent to get treatment and don't pay money to beauty parlor.hehe.
Now the in chinese beauty parlor, a new machine--E light comes out,which is much more safety than IPL.

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it depends on person 2008/2/9 22:37

I tried diode laser before in a clinic and it was done by a doctor, not in Japan though. I got very good results. In Japan, I tried IPL but it had very little affect and it was applied by an esthetician not a doctor. My doctor in my home country told me that IPL can be suitable for Asian skin and hair but Diode is better for Medtteranean skin type. I am looking for a clinic which uses Diode laser machine. If anyone knows please write me. Unfortunately, my Japanese is not so good so I couldn`t find on my own.

I`m not an expert but I don`t think those home use devices are as effective as a machine. Also, I know that the person`s skin type and the color of hair can be suitable for certain type(s) of machine. For example, IPL is better for Asian skin type or ND YAg is better for darker skin. But in Japan almost all places seem to use IPL and they don`t know about other types.

If you know a clinic in Kansai which uses DIODE LASER please write me.
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Hair Removal 2008/3/15 03:32
Hi everyone I hate to tell you this, but I've had over 40 treatments on my beard with IPL. It all went away but after 2 yrs It grew back. I spent over $10,000 dollars at a clinic.
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Both IPL Laser for hair acne removal 2008/4/10 11:39
Generally,IPL and Q Switch ND:YAG Laser are similar for hair acne removal.But RF radio frequency machine is better for Skin rejuvenational and tightening as well as wrinkle removal. Reallly perfect. cathyleewinyahoocom I have used them for many years. God bless U!
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hey 2008/8/15 12:37
please can you tell me where in tokyo or saitama i can buy a laser hair removal machine for use at home. i need to know urgently.
i will not be coming to this website again so please email me at naregvartanian@hotmail.com and let me know. your kindness will be greatly apprecaited.

or please email me a wesbite which will ship the machine to japan.

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