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Buying Manga in Tokyo 2006/6/28 04:10
Tokyo 23-ku
Jeez, i am disappointed, no one has asked this.. Which is the best place to buy manga in Tokyo? I'll be glad if the place has a website that also works in english.
by Nidron  

No 2006/6/30 00:05
I'm disappointed in you dear sir.

How can you NOT find Manga in Tokyo?!! It's everywhere!
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re 2006/7/11 22:53
a good place to buy manga are the book off stores (e.g. in harajuku).
they sell used manga, so manga are pretty cheap there (especially the old ones)
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go to nakano.. 2006/9/11 06:47
In tokyo, take the jr line to Shinjuku and trensfer to cho line to NAKANO.. there is a mall... lower level, it is mini stores that sells just about everything for japanese daily life, but on the sencond floor, there is all about MANGA!! well, the whole floor sells manga books.. to little manga dolls..posters to dvd and much more... i found this place and so~cool! it's a Manga mall!! go visit! if you love manga much as i do, well, you'll spend days there just looking and gasping around!
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. 2006/9/11 17:25
It depends on what you want; well known manga or maniac one, magazines or tankobon, brand-new or secondhand.
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try Kinokuni-ya 2006/9/12 16:43
You can find manga in all bookshops regardless to its size. Try Kinokuni-ya bookshop in Shinjyuku South exit, next to Tokyuhands. They have a large section of manga. They also have a floor for titles in English language and they sell manga in English as well.
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Manga 2006/9/13 16:10
New manga you can buy in lots of places; for older manga try one of the many Book-Off stores, the manga shops in Akihabara or Mandarake in Shibuya. I have been to the mall in Nakano as described by sunny-san and it is great for doujinshi, to find the volumes you're missing in your collection and anything else manga related.

This is a question we see here regularly, BTW ^_^
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Where?? 2006/10/29 20:15
Hi, I'm 15 and going to Japan (Tokyo) in December for 6 weeks as a homestay student, and I love english manga... It sucks that the cheapest I've found here, in Australia, is about $20.00 per book!! I've been using the few years of Japanese I know to manga sites and translate it, but I can't find any... if you know address's or storename's so I can google them, that would be good. What stores do you reccomend?? I'm just look for manga and perhaps anime dvd's, but if you have any stores that have merchandise such as cosplay or posters, that would be good!!
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Manga in Tokyo 2006/10/29 21:00
The manga shops listed in this thread will almost certainly only sell Japanese manga and I think it will be difficult to find cheap English manga in Tokyo, if you find any at all. Otherwise, Mandarake in Shibuya and the shops in Akihabara (Akiba) sound like the shops you are looking for.
As for addresses, this is always tricky. Have a look at the picture I took directly outside Akihabara station, Electric Town exit:
In the top left corner of the shot you see a sign K-BOOKS 3F which I know is a manga shop on the 3rd floor (2nd floor in you're from Europe). When in Japan, keep your eyes peeled for signs like アニメ, and make sure that you always look up as many of the smaller shops are not located on the ground floors of shops. At least that is how I shop for manga and anime as a tourist when I don't know the area. ^_^;;
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osaka, not tokyo 2006/12/9 01:27
Actuall, I'm not in Tokoy as I thought, I'm in osaka right n and looking for manga shops here or in the nearby region. If you know, please tell!!
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Book-off or Mandrake.. 2006/12/11 01:02
is the way to go for secondhand books. Book-off has stores across the country, and website with maps to them (if you know Japanese at any rate), so I've been literally to over two dozen of their stores over the time.

Mandrake's Tokyo-only I think with stores in Shibuya/Nakano but they're experience in and of themselves.

And of course, every normal bookstore carries considerable selection, these days I mostly shop for manga in my neighbour bookstore (three or four blocks from where I live, and they have more manga than I care to read, although of course all of it in Japanese, I doubt you can find English manga here except as overpriced study aids in some bookstores..)

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Book-off 2006/12/12 01:34
I tried Book-off, they said on the phone they had english manga, but they didn't when we went there. Do they normally have english manga?
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animeito 2007/11/28 16:46
a popular anime and manga store is called アニメイト and i've heard of it being common but i've never actually checked it out. school trips only last a few days so ... i didn't get to wander around
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. 2007/11/29 08:50
Yes, Animate seems to be a big store for manga and anime stuff, although I ahven't been there yet. I found Mandarake (or Mandrake) in Shibuya quite astonishing.

As has already been said, kinokuniya in Shinjuku also sells english manga, but I didn't check the prices.

Book-Off stores are really great if you don't care about the manga not being in mint condition. They often still look pretty new and they are really cheap.
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