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Scrapbooking? 2006/7/2 17:54
I'm wanting to buy scrapbooking materials here in Tokyo or in Hiroshima. Does anyone know of a scrapbooking supplies shop? Thanks for your help.

Or could somone put me in touch with a scrapbooking club or society.

I hope to hear from someone soon.
by Jane Robinson  

Heya....... 2006/7/10 06:12
Hey i was just reading something about scrapbooking on Metroplis tokyo! and it featured a lady by the name of Toshiko Hosoya! and at the bottom of the page it said:

For more info on scrapbooking, call Hosoya, who speaks excellent English, at 03-3568-6161 or visit www.creativememories.co.jp (in Japanese).

So maybe she could help you out!!?? =D

Heres the link to the article:


Hope that helps!

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Scrapbooking supplies 2006/8/10 03:36
You can buy really wonderful supplies at this site:


Their 3-dimensional stickers are just wonderful
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Scrap the Planet 2006/8/25 21:35
There's a completely bilingual online scrapbook shop based in Tokyo but they post all over Japan. I think they're just new.


I bought some beautiful things from them recently and they arrived fast and in good condition. They seem to have a much wider selection than some of the other places I've looked at.

I hope this helps you.
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Hiroshima store 2006/9/15 23:14
There is a shop that sells mainly Kuretake/EK Success products near Fukuro-machi Koen in downtown Hiroshima. To get there from Hondori Arcade go down the little street opposite Tully's Coffee Shop for a couple of blocks. The shop is onthe left, it's yellow and called Duo/ Crafthouse Nakao. They also have classes and crop parties. The teacher speakes English
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mail order site 2006/12/26 07:40
I hope this comes through. I found this Japanese site.

There is an affiliate English site: http://www.kodomo.com
Unfortunately, the merchandise is different.
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oops! 2006/12/26 07:44
www.kodomoinc.com (English site)
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Ginza 2007/7/10 05:54
I just returned from Tokyo where I found a nice selection of rubber stamps, stickers, and of course gorgeous papers at Itoya. This is an office supply store that carries a huge variety of art supplies also. Located in Ginza, you will find loads of shopping of all types there! I bought several items I have not found in the US and loaded up on papers.
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A Hiroshima SBer... 2007/9/23 03:58
Jane, I was ''surfing'' when I came across your question. Although I live in the Chicago area, I do know of a person who blogs/teaches and is a Hiroshima resident. Maybe you should contact her and she will give you more information on the local scrapbooking scene. Here's the link: http://www.nickybiwaki.typepad.com/

HTH! MargieH in Chicago
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