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alcatraz restaurant 2006/7/5 05:41
Did someone know about Alcatraz E.R. restaurant in Shibuya?

Can you give me informations about it?

Thanks to all

by daniela blua  

. 2006/7/18 20:46

harvest bld. 2F.
2-13-5 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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drinks only? 2006/7/19 18:27

I am interested to visit the alcatraz too. But because I am on a travel budget, would it be considered unacceptable (or cheapskate for that matter :( ) if we simply went in and ordered drinks and prolly some figer food?
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what is this place? 2006/7/20 00:45
Is it a restaurant with a medical or prison theme, or what?
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Globetrekker on PBS 2006/7/21 01:28
Alcatraz E.R. is a restaurant with a "medical prison" theme.

It was featured on a PBS "Globetrekker" episode about Japan that was televised in the US.
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To Amber 2006/7/21 11:29

What little menu items they show on the website ranges from 800, or 900 yen a dish, and drinks (cocktails at least) are all at 780 yen.... what kind of budget are you talking about? They do mention some table charge (of course it's an "entertainment" restaurant...) but I can'tt find the amount on the website.

From the photos on the website, they do not seem to have (or at least not show) a bar section, meaning they are all table seating. But since they have quite long business hours, they can't expect people to "have full dinner" at all times. So if you don't go in a large group at peak dinner time, it should be OK.
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is there some sort of a show 2006/7/21 16:40
Hi AK,

I would be guessing my budget may be bout just slightly over a 1000Y. But like you mentioned, I think I would be visiting latee sunday night, so I guess it shd be ok with a drink and some finger food.

I do hv another question though, do they happen to have some special 'show' or forms of entertainment there?
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To Amber 2006/7/21 18:21
From the website:

18:30 - inmate/in-patient escapes
20:00 - ER surgery show 1
22:30 - ER surgery show 2
2:00 (on Fri. & Sat. only) mystery show

As I mentioned earlier, there will be a table charge (the amount is not mentioned), so a drink and the charge will go over 1000 yen already I'm afraid...
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length of show 2006/7/24 15:24

Thanks AK! Hmmm.. think it's unavoidable dat i'll tip my budget slightly but any idea how long is each show? I need to rely on the last train to get back to my hostel if i were to catch the 10.30pm show.
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Alcatraz in general 2006/9/29 19:49
Alcatraz is a fantastic place to visit, i've only been there once but, being a foreigner, i couldnt get the whole picture... throughout dinner there is a TV screen that you are supposed to watch and listen to. the only problem with this is that its in Japanese so unless you know a bunch of Japanese its gonna be a visual show only... Go with a GROUP... you pick someone at the beginning to be taken away and then during the show there is someone that is going to be a patient... also, the food is not bought as an individual meal as in most other countries, things are bought as a group and then shared, i think there is an english menu but im not sure... its expensive as hell but its a great place for a party...
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TV Shoot at Alcatraz ER!! 2008/3/25 07:07
If anyone is interested a Canadian travel show is going to send a crew to shoot at Alcatraz ER on April 1. They will want to talk to English speaking patrons to get their reaction!
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Website 2009/8/9 03:13
Is there a website for the restaurant???
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... 2009/8/9 13:33

This one seems to be the newer website.

The "free food" and "free drink" at the top are misleading. If you go in a group of 4 or more people, they have all-you-can-drink-and-eat for 100 minutes for 2,980 yen per person. (You get penalty if you leave any food unconsumed).
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Is Alcatraz ER Bar still open? 2011/5/1 21:42
Does anyone know if the Alcatraz ER Bar in Tokyo still operating?
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... 2011/5/3 15:51
I went there in January and as far as I know it's still running!
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........... 2011/5/4 23:15
I went there with a few of my Japanese friends last summer , it really is an experience and highly recommended :)
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