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Airsoft Shops? 2006/7/12 09:00
Yo. I was wondering if anyone out there knew where I could purchase Airsoft ammo / guns while I was in Tokyo.

Uji ... any ideas?

Thanks in advance everyone. (^^)v
by Stoked  

.. 2006/7/12 13:13
There are many places and stores, Akihabara has a few specific stores around. Heck even Yodobashi Camera in Yohamam had some Airsoft guns in their games/toys section.
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ueno 2006/7/26 22:18
there is a good shop at Ueno, if you walk along the train, from nakaokachimachi, towards the ueno station, there is so many shops with t shirts, food etc...on one corner there is a military goods shop, very good as well, then go the the stores that are directly under the railroad, and look for it, there ar parfume shops...but look for knives...there it is, I bought mp5J there, for great price..good luck in finding the way
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If you plan to take them on the airplane 2006/7/27 00:01
Airport Security WILL, check your baggage once the Airsoft(s) are detected going through the x-ray machine. If you have more than one (gun/rifle), pack them together in the same bag. Compressed air cylinders, will not be allowed (if detected), so shop wisely.

A good idea is to have the store receipt attached to your Airsoft package. If possible keep the product inside the original bag that the store provided.

Try this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWSY_hM63vc
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Thanks!! 2006/7/27 02:37
Thanks for the information!!

I really appreciate the help. I wasn't actually planning on purchasing any of the Airsoft guns. I was probably going to pick up batteries / gears / pellets.

Is Airsoft a sport in Japan? Do people get together after work or on the weekends to play against each other?
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.. 2006/7/27 03:34
Yes airsoft is a popular in Japan and other parts of asia, due partly in fact that owning real firearms is practially impossible, People like to collect, but others shoot if you can find a range or somthing.
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airsoft gun in nagoya 2006/8/9 16:27
hi everyone i would to know where i can buy a airsoft gun in nagoya iwill be at nagoya by the end of this month. thank you for you answer.
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yamada denki 2006/8/16 08:03
I saw some airsoft gun in yamada denki at hoshigaoka. Its located at the toy section near the dvds. Iam looking for more shops especially the ones that really specializes in airsoft. Do you guys know of any in nagoya? help?
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need advice! 2006/8/30 06:08
Hi everybody!!
Im planning to make a little trip to japan and i have readed a lot about the black hole show and a mega airsoft store located in osaka where i will like to buy some aegs,but i will like to know one thing before,can i come back to my country with a few airsoft replicas in my baggage (the one im carrying myself on the plane) or do i have to check my baggage
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need advice ! Help! 2006/9/4 07:53
i will appreciate any answer!!
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Confirmation 2006/9/24 07:33
Hi... i was wondering if anybody found a specific airsoft shop in Tokyo?

And just in case, do anybody know the name of the shops in Akihabara. I'm going to Tokyo in November and hope i could find some stuff.

Thank you!
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Airsoft 2006/9/24 12:22

I saw an airsoft section in the Parco department store at the tsudanuma stop in chiba. It's maybe 45 minutes away from tokyo. it didnt look that large but if you happen to be close to the area, just go to parco and find the toy section.
hope it helps a little

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Answer 2006/10/12 07:36
Pat , the big Airsoft shop i was talking about previously was First Shop,is located in Osaka and is really big and has also great prices http://first-jp.com/
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airsoft tokyo guide 2006/11/7 12:54
this might be helpful (I'm going to try it when I go this December)

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OSAKA or KOBE airsoft shop 2007/2/28 16:31
can anybody give a map or directions of any airsoft shop near kobe... thanks very much!
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Someone say Kobe? 2007/4/6 08:00
200 yards up the road from Kobe station, in the Motomachi shopping arcade (running under the rail line itself), you'll find Sanko. An excellent shop.

Further up the road, in Sannomiya's Centre Plaza you'll find another couple of shops (one on the 2nd floo and one on the 3rd - middle block close to Animate and Yello Submarine)
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airsoft store 2007/4/19 17:19
c'mon the biggest airsoft store in the heart of tokyo.. please any specify name of the store & address will be so very usefull.. airsofter from tokyo c'mon answer it..
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Tokyo Airsoft 2007/5/12 22:01
Are there many airsoft stores in Tokyo? Are they easy to find, like do they just pop up everywhere or do you really have to look? Does anyone know of a store with a website......in english? thanks
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I'm in Tokyo, i can show you the shops 2007/5/16 14:33
Hey, if you like, email me and I can show you 4 or 5 airsoft shops in one street in Ahkihabira (Spelling!?!?) -
I bought my airsoft guns there :)

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directions 2007/5/16 14:38
If you jump off at Ahkihabira main station, go downstairs into the side street that has the clock on the light pole and the ticket machines actually outside. There is a little fast food kind of resturant there as well..

on the other side of the street (Its almost a little backstreet thing) is a building and you can walk through little alleys underneath it. There is one airsoft/hobby shop in one of these alleys. On the other side of this building you will find a main road and a multi level hobby shop. one level of this shop is dedicated to airsoft.

Its within 100m of the main station so if my instructions are shithouse, just dont wander too far.

Its in the building opposite the Laos electronics building and there is a sushi shop on the corner (pretty much next door to the entrance to the multi level hobby shop)

Otherwise, email me and I can send u a map / directions or meet you there somtime later next week.
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