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I'm looking for a School bag 2006/7/17 03:57
Hello guys !
So, I'm looking for a School bag like Yamashita Tomohisa (or else) in the drama Dragonzakura...I'm also interested in School bag like in ''Nobuta wo Produce''...Do you see what I mean?Do you know where I can get it?If you want, I can put photos ^^

See yoooooooooooou !!
by Hamasaki Ayumi Lover  

Nobuta wo Produce bag 2007/5/25 00:45
Singapore Yahoo Auctions has it
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And ... 2007/5/25 05:23
And what do I have to right in the search part? Can you give me a link please? Thanks for answer !
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NObuta wo Produce's School Bag 2007/11/30 10:21
the seller just start selling the bag 27 nov and its end on th 5th dec.
here the link: http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/189440.html
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simply-tofu.com 2007/12/25 19:06
You can find different Nobuta bags (Nobuta, Shuji, Akira) at Simply-Tofu.com. It's a really great site for Johnny's products, they sell Johnny's jewelery too.
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IS IT FROM JAPAN? 2008/3/19 07:50
well, I have bought bag that worn by Shuji but I think Shuji wears a grey one so mine is fairly different but the shape is the same.

So may I know, is it a japan made or not?
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