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purchase a japanese school bag online? 2006/7/26 02:23
I would like to purchase a Japanese school bag. I am looking for a type that would go over my shoulder, almost like a sports tote, only sort of smaller and square. A picture would be like


Thank You.
by Mireille  

Heya! xP 2006/7/28 09:24
Well for anything and everything Japanese, try:


But if your in The States, just go to Wally World (Wal-Mart), it looks like a common bag that MIGHT be in Wally World....or Target! XD (or kmart......but if its not in wally world or target, then forget kmart haha)

See ya....

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I want one too 2006/8/4 15:43
WalMart nor Target carry those bags. I think she's refering specifically to the kind of bag for commuter high school students.

I'm looking for one, too. I've been searching on the net for a while and still to no avail.
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Also looking for this type of bag 2006/8/10 15:40
May as well bump the topic, right?

Here's a picture of the type I'm looking for (same basic style)

If you don't know where to find one, what would you suggest searching for? Technically, it's a school bag, but it could also be considered a sports bag, right? But is there a better term for it, do you suppose?

Thanks for your help.
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i found one 2006/8/22 10:37

i purchased a japanese high school bag on Ebay. if you just search "japanese school bag" a list should come up. with shipping it was about $70.00


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Japanese School Bag 2006/9/22 04:03

I found a school bag for Japanese high school students on eBay but it's pretty expensive (39.99 GBP + 7.99 GBP shipping). (Heck, they inflated the prices because no one else has those bags for sale!) Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/CANDY-SUGAR-JAPANESE-GIRL-COSPLAY-SQUARE-SCHOOL-BAG_W0QQitemZ270031067036QQihZ017QQcategoryZ63852QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

There's also other styles, such as one with a silver chain, a white one (more like a shopping bag) and a rounded-corner one.
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Site to by japanese school bag 2007/9/12 19:45
Those type of bags can be found at ebay if you type in "japan school bag". u can also go to www.lawrara.com they sell lots of japanese uniforms/bags etc. (the shop is situated in Hong Kong. but they ship worldwide. also there are costs in a range of currencies) hope it helps :)
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randoseru 2008/3/19 05:52
If you are referring to the uniform style hard/rigid backpack young japanese kids carry to school, you are referring to a RANDOSERU.
check out ebay or modernseed.com or hideostore.com
they used to be leather about 3-500.00 but new plastic design for 170.00
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Japanese school bag 2008/8/16 05:55
Hi, I went on that lawrara.com website, but it doesn't seem to be the right one? Does anyone have a good sight that sells japanese bags at affordable prices and can be delivered to me in around 2 weeks, (I live in Britian if that helps)
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Lawrara 2008/8/20 01:43
The website for Lawrara is actually http://www.lawrarashop.com/ .
It seems they have some good stuff, though a bit expensive.
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JLIST 2010/9/17 11:37
Have found two on Jlist. There's an awesome Hello Kitty version for $48, and a regular one for $32. They both look exactly like the real thing and are from Japan! About to buy the HK one myself! XD
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