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where in okinawa can i buy habu sake? 2006/7/30 00:25
i am stationed in camp hansen in kinville and heard about his habu snake sake. all i want to know is where i can buy it out in town? also how much a bottle is?
by andrew  

habu sake? 2006/8/1 16:38
In koksai street of Naha you can find lots of Sake shop. maybe the price is 5000yen. u can see a dead snake into the sake`s bottle. (I just saw there) but i havn`t tasted yet.
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you can find some here 2006/10/17 05:14
if you go to camp foster you can buy one there oute side the camp in the town. or you can go to gate two street on and off the strip in the liquor shops you can get some. i use to be in hanson years ago. is it still boring as hell in kin who are you with i use to be with 2/4
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Where to get Habu Sake in Okinawa 2007/1/20 13:04
Everywhere... The best price for a bottle w/ the snake in its(and w/o the snake) is at the BX on either Camp Foster or Kadena AFB( Ijust paid $70 on 11Jan07) for the 24 oz bottle w/ the small habu coiled inside and the cloth covered top, w/ the attached jap tag. You can also take the trip to Okinawa World south of Naha(Bus tour there from Camp Foster) and see how its made, they actually make it there, so see the process,get a free sample and check out the awesome selection in the gift shop... You'll love it...
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Anywhere 2007/1/31 06:34
dude, you can get that anywhere in kin and all over oki. they have at that pink liqour store right outside gate 1. it's expensive as hell though. try a shot of it at the abyss i think they have dollar shots of it on a certain day.
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Just in case u missed the answer 2007/2/6 21:58
Kin town hey....least the expressway is close by.

Just wanted to put my two cents in....

You can buy it in all the touristy areas, esp. Kouksai Dori. I'd recommend going to a bar to sample it first though as its an expensive drink to buy and then decide you hate it.

If you do buy some, don't shake the bottle up if you can help it.....
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Habu Sake 2007/7/27 07:33
Dude, you can buy that stuff all over Japan. In Naha, try Kokusai Street. There are several shops. In Kinville, try the Abyss(to sample it) like that other guy said and while you're at it... let me know if you can ship some over here. I'm a bartender now and I'd love to get my hands on that... and the Abyss' recipe for Mojo
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As a matter of fact... 2007/7/27 07:36
If anyone out there knows how I can get my hands on a bottle of Habu sake, I'd really appreciate it. As for the Mojo recipe...I'll pay cash for that thing. Email me at skimmer55@hotmail if you got any info. Thanks
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Can't ship it to States 2007/7/27 22:32
You can't ship it back to the States, at least the variety with the Habu still in the bottle. I'm not sure about the extract, though.
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where to buy online!!!! 2008/8/14 20:11
try: www.okinawamarket.com
the bottle sells for about $110 with a small habu inside.
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Answer to where to buy habu sake 2009/1/20 17:21
You may buy habu sake in any of the numerous shops on Kokusai dori (Kokusai street) in Naha City or in the Open Air market near Mitsukoshi also in Naha.
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