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looking for patchwork shops in Japan 2006/7/30 16:50
I am planning a trip to Japan early next year and my main interest is to visit patchwork and quilting shops and buy Japanese traditional fabric? Do you know of any shops in Japan?
by Carol  

Fabric shops 2006/7/31 16:07

My mother-in-law recommends the Kinkado and Yuzawaya stores scattered around Tokyo and the Kanto area. You might have luck at regular department stores, but they will be pricier.
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Cloth shops 2006/8/2 00:53
Although I only know Yuzawaya Kichijyoji, Tokyo, yes, it is a good shop.
Also Marunan cloth shop in front of the Shibuya station is good.
I have some nice scraps of cloth of Japanese traditional fabric (for futon)
and as I don't need them,
I wish I could give them to you when you are here in Tokyo...
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fabric 2007/7/28 07:47
hi, you can go kinkado fabric centre where you can find any thing of yur choice. i knows two of its chain one is very close to ikkebukuro, the other one is in sakado located in saitamaboth shops are 5 mintues walk from station. try your luck
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patchwork shops in Japan 2008/12/18 17:04
There is a good one in the main shopping street Kyoto.
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