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Sky Perfect TV - Japan 2006/8/2 12:39
Greetings Boardies.

Have recently signed up for SPTV.

Does anyone kind soul know hwere I can find the programme details, in English, on the www ?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ... N

by Taradale  

what? 2006/8/3 16:30
do you need to live in japan to get this?
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. 2006/8/3 17:08
Here is a webpage of Sky Perfect TV in English.
I cannot find any information on programmes but you can call Customer Center to ask for details:
Tel: 0570-038-888 +9 (available anytime)
045-339-0202 + 9 (This is availale only from 10:00 to 20:00)
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SPTV 2006/8/3 23:17
Thanks for the info.
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sky imperfect! 2008/2/19 10:29
If you didnt already sign up,DONT! This tv is 60% reapeated 20% advertising and 20% programes.
I have had SPTV for 9 years ,but recently its gone to the dogs.
Also when i got in touch to complain they just fobed me off.
You can see the same programs 3 or4 times a day,and sometimes 10times a week.
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What others can you recommend 2008/2/21 08:26
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Here is the info you need 2008/5/9 10:18
Here is the info that you need to get the English TV Guide


I think it was 12.95 for a year.

TV is better than nothing...not much but better.
Movie channels are
260 sometimes in English
261 sometimes in English
330 New Channel I didn't have
316 sometimes in English
318 Horror movies no guide
360 English programs
728 Mystery
720 to 725 are the Fox channels. LOTS of repeat programming

Hope this helps, Have a good stay
Also check out www.fbcusa.com

We are just leaving
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Magazine 2008/5/9 10:41
There is a TV Magazine in English for Sky Perfect, available at Yurindo book shop (Yokohama, Landmark Tower)

It should be available elsewhere as well.
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japan english tv guide 2010/4/12 10:37
there is a new website that sells english tv program guide for sky perfect and cable tv in japan. www.japantvguide.com
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