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Registered nurse getting a job in japan? 2006/8/9 04:05
What would be the chances of a registered nurse (who can speak Japanese) of getting a job in Japan? I'm sure some hospitals need billingual nurses, in case of tourists becoming hurt, or something like that. Thank you!
by Emma  

.. 2006/8/9 16:23
A registered nurse where?

I think the process is like doctors. For example a Doctor from Japan can't just move to the US and start practicing, he would have to be certified in the US. I guess if one went through all the training and appropirate standards and qualifications in Japan then you could possibly work as a nurse.
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. 2006/8/10 00:18
As the law stands now, foreigners can't work as nurses in Japan. However, this is under debate at the moment.
by Sutefu rate this post as useful

Sutefu 2006/8/10 02:06
Thank you Sutefu, that was very useful, and important to find out! :)
by Emma rate this post as useful

Still the same 2007/8/9 10:50
Earlier someone posted that the law was under debate, is that still the case or has it been changed?
by Bevie rate this post as useful

same question...updating... 2007/8/22 15:18
is there a new law or a way to work as a nurse in japan?
by Is there any upadates? rate this post as useful

how about unregistered fil nurse? 2007/8/29 04:23
How about an unregistered fil nurse? can work in japan?

By the way..anybody knows of SATO NAGOYA HOSPITAL in japan? if ever.please post details. thanks!
by jing rate this post as useful

Hosp 2007/8/29 14:40
Jing, is that the hospital near the university? If so ARGG!! I fractured my ankle and had a very difficult time there. Most likely because I was a alien :)
by Kevin rate this post as useful

updating 2007/8/29 18:04
i really dont know if its beside any university. I am here in the phil and was offered a work from that hospital. They told me its abig hospital. i am looking for their website but couldnt find any Sato-Nagoya Hospital. I am a graduate nurse and was thinking to go there for work. Why did u injured ur ankle?
How many bed capacity it is? how does the hospital rules in there? thanks for posting. ill wait for any answers from u.
by jing rate this post as useful

latest info 2008/2/27 15:02
I hope this website will help you get more info on nursing jobs in Japan.
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Help?? 2008/8/10 09:21
Hi - I am an Australian Clinical Nurse Specialist looking at moving to Japan for a while with my partner. Does anyone know what the process is for Aussie Nurses? And IS there a Bilingual Hospital in Japan? I speak English only!
by Melissa Carroll rate this post as useful

Nrses job in Japan 2008/8/17 06:41
i would like to work as a registered nurse in japan,the language barrier can be solved with a period of orientation and my personal efforts and interest in learning it.I like to have experience abroad,as i am working now out of my country as well.i would like for a positive response from the agencies or sources who can arrange the visa.thanks
by Noor rate this post as useful

Foreign nurses in Japan. 2008/8/17 07:33
The only foreign nurses who have so far been allowed to work in Japan are a group of Filipinos a couple of years ago, and more recently a group of Indonesians. They have all come over on special programmes, are all working in providing care to the elderly, and had to have intensive Japanese language training both before and after arriving. It is such an unusual step for foreign nurses to work here that it is often on the news.

There is no other precedent for foreign nurses to work in Japan that I have heard of I'm afraid. If your country sets up this kind of programme in the future, or the current situation changes drastically, then you can look into the possibility, but at the moment there seems to be no way that foreign nurses can work in Japan other than through the special programmes that have been arranged with the Philippines and Indonesia.
by Sira rate this post as useful

... 2008/8/17 13:45
Our society is reluctant to accept foreigners workers, and do not open its labour market to foreigners if there is another way to find labour forces. It's considered "the last solution" to allow them to work in Japan.

Indonesia and phillipino were allowed to work in "eldery care market" because it has been suffered from SERIOUS labour shortage for years...
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Registered Filipino Nurses 2009/1/20 11:16
How can a registered Filipino nurse apply for a nursing Job in Japan? Is there any sponsor for language and writing learning?
by kateykate (guest) rate this post as useful

Alternative 2010/3/16 13:08
I would like 2 work as an Rn in Japan as well. There R a few Air force Bases over there. Couldn't U work @ 1 of the Military Hospitals. while U Re certified ?
by neotrekie (guest) rate this post as useful

Info 2010/3/16 13:19
I found this Shinohara Immigration & Legal Office
Ph# 03-3507-0506. Call them and ask them this same question. This is The Place where you would apply 4 a work visa.
by neotrekie (guest) rate this post as useful

nurse in japan 2010/3/16 13:50
I don't know about the other countries, but I have seen jobs for RNs on US Military bases here, as well as the US Embassy in Tokyo.
by lookinferjobs (guest) rate this post as useful

national exam 2010/10/9 21:48
if you did your nursing course in a cetified university (most Aussie ones are!), and pass the japanese national nursing exam, you are able to practice as a RN in Japan.

From looking at past exams, it's usually multi-choice, so even if you're a bit dodgey in kanji-writing, i think it's quite acheivable.

here's info about eligibility of foreign-trained nurses to sit the exam (it basically says that you need 3+ years and 3000hrs+ worth of experience. And have graduated from high school and a certified university)
by japancrazy (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Registered nurse getting a job in japan? 2012/12/6 04:25
There is one way American RN's can work in Japan: join the Public Service, become a GS Nurse (Government Service), and work in military base hospitals. This takes a lot of commitment, though, as you can assume.
by Navy wife (guest) rate this post as useful

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