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Horses In Japan..? 2006/8/15 13:50
This may seem like a silly question.. But are there any horses in Japan? While I was in Japan I did not see even one. But then I wasnt really in an area that would have large animals..but still, all of the traveling we did, i didnt see ANY.

i have been breeding and training horses for the past eight years now, and back when I was younger, hoped for a career dealing with Equines. I sort of gave up that idea long ago..but then I started wondering, Is there a need for horse trainers in Japan? Are the horses in Japan mainly used for racing(I did see racetracks).

Just very curious about this! Thanks!
by Arika  

horses 2006/8/15 23:30
Yes there are horses in Japan, and not just racce horses either. Theres yabusmae or horseback archery, there are places that offer trail rides, and Ive even been lucky enough to see the Imperial carriage dispatched to Tokyo station to pick up a new diplomat and take him to meet the Emperor. Those were some fine horses I must say.
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I'd stay away from riding here 2006/8/16 00:38
There are riding stables and places, but probably not like what you're used to. I was a pretty serious rider back home, and came here to teach English. I was told before I left America that there was a riding school close by in Osaka that I could ride at, so I was excited.

I went and found
- no turnout, period
- a huge emphasis on cute clothes and the English riding 'look' and a lack of emphasis on good riding (for example, I watched a jumping class where nobody did two-point- everyone just stood in their stirrups and slammed down as they landed)
- classes of 10-15 unhappy horses nose-to-tail, ears back, fussing at each other. No option for smaller classes.

They also flat-out refused to show me the stable area.

I've heard there are better places in Hokkaido and other rural areas, where they have space for horses, and up there they even have a breed of native draft horse. My one experience here left me a little jaded and unwilling to look at other barns- I also know a friend had a similar experience at a riding center near Kyoto. The barns near the cities are all packed and focused on the humans, rather than the horses.
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.. 2006/8/16 03:30
Well I hope it didn't leave you jaded, Imagine if there was a horse barn or training center to teach horse riding that was located smack in the middle of downtown New York City?

In fact I've been up and down the east coast the US and never seen a horse, does this mean horses do not exist in the United States? Of course it does not. I guess where you have traveled or others expereiences have been the wrong places and or experiences.

Horses were brought to Japan from Korea in the Yayoi period (c.300 BCE-.CE 300).Small ceramic horse figurines have been found Kofun (CE 300-600) mound tombs.

I think you're more likely to find horses in Northern Japan, as I would more likely to find horses in the mid-west/western US than I would on the East Coast of the US.
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Look Around on the Internet 2006/8/16 05:20
Kate's experience was obviously pretty negative, but frankly not surprising. There certainly are horses in Japan, but an extremely limited number of people participate seriously in equestrian activities like show jumping and dressage. There are places where you can go trail riding or take a few lessons, but the number of Japanese people who take it any farther than this is exceedingly small. (A tiny fraction, compared to the U.S.)

Unless you already have a professional connection, I really doubt if there is much work for horse trainers over there, especially if you don't speak Japanese. But I'm not too informed on this. You can get quite a bit of information on the Web if you search strategically. One site with a fair number of links is http://www02.so-net.ne.jp/~seisenkb/horse/horse_e.html (their Japanese site is even more informative).

I had a couple of fun horse-related excursions in Japan. One was a just a quick trip to the Equine Museum in Yokohama. The other was a trip to attend the Chagu Chagu Umako event in Morioka. This is an annual parade of horses with extremely colorful traditional tack (frankly, they are costumed, and I know this sounds weird, but it was really, really neat). It's held each year in June. Here is an official (I think) web site, unfortunately it's all in Japanese:

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Wow. 2006/9/5 14:39
I was investigating riding in Japan, as I've been riding for 14 years and want to make a career of it, but am probably going to Japan for a year beforehand and don't want to take a whole year off, and you guys have thoroughly horrified me. I hope it's not really that bad! Please, someone comment with a positive experience!

Oh, and to the person who said something hypothetical about barns in NYC - http://www.potomachorse.com/clarmont.htm
Claremont is well known and while, yeah, turnout isn't the greatest because of lack of space, the overall program is pretty high quality. There is no excuse for poor horsekeeping, IMHO - at the very least, work with what you've got so that the horses are as happy as possible.
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Horses 2006/9/5 16:23
When director Kurosawa Akira made Kagemusha, he could not find enough horses in Japan for the battle scenes and some horses had to come from abroad to complete the scenes, according to Criterion film comment track on another Kurosawa Akira film.
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wow 2006/9/5 19:09
thats crazy
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Equestrian in Japan 2006/11/9 17:06
I am going to Japan from 14-28. November and is looking for a equestrian event - showjumping farm ... The Links given in the forum is either with very old information or not working. Are there any showjumping events i this period ?

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Are there ever 2006/11/9 20:55
They just brought two of the gallopers down here to Melbourne and took first and second place in the Melbourne Cup. They were from Hokkaido. Now they're off to clean up in Hong Kong.
I hear some of you asking about the Melbourne Cup.......do a Google !
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endangered Banei Kaiba 2006/12/9 21:34
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Horseracing 2006/12/10 22:07
I'm a big fan of horseracing.
One of big races called Arima Kinen is held in 2 weeks at the Nakayama race course, Chiba.
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Aaaah! please Japan have horses! 2007/1/25 14:17
If it's really true that there are not that many places in japan for people to ride I'm going to have a problem.I've been riding and speaking japanese for a while and am looking forward to majoring in both equine studies and japanese in college. But if there is no job market for a foreign girl who can teach( or train), even though she can speak japanese. I hope this doesnt mean I'll have to give up my dream. I already knew the market was small but I was hoping I could squeeze in.
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Lots of Horses in Tokyo 2007/3/5 18:35
Actually, I've seen many horses in Tokyo - being served on plates in restaurants! Sashimi horsemeat is very popular on its own or on top of salads. I have also seen it cooked on pizzas.

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Horse sashimi 2007/3/5 22:09
I've had horse sashimi and it is pretty good, I can recommend it. Isn't eating horse meat sort of a taboo in the US?
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horse sashimi 2007/3/5 23:46
Yeah, in the US we don't eat it at all. I actually made a very uncomfortable situation my first night in Japan- I was sick, jet lagged and missing my horses terribly. My bosses had found out that I liked horses, but somehow they misinterpreted it- when they took me out for my welcome dinner they served horse sashimi. I burst into tears in front of everyone because all I could think of was my baby on a plate. ^_^; After that I think they thought I was completely mentally unhinged, because for weeks after I got tons of "Are you okay? How are you feeling? Are things okay?", very concerned-like.

So yeah, most Americans (horse lovers, anyway) don't do the horse sashimi thing.
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British Equestrian in Tokyo 2007/3/16 21:50
Hello guys!!
We, I`ve lived in Tokyo for almost 2yrs now with my Japanese husband and daughter who`s 1yr 9m. Havn`t managed to find work yet with horses yet, but am still looking. I was offered a job but it would mean i`d have to get 24hrs child care for my daughter and it would of taken me an hr to travel there. Well anyway we became member of a club called Fuji Horse riding club nr Utsunomiya, very friendly,but the horses look very poor now, poor things.(people focussed again). I also teach English in exchange for riding at a club near Tokorozawa calles Siena riding club. There quite good based on the Italian style, which im not quite sure what that is after watching them. They seem to win quite a lot in the Jumping though. They have a very soft seat and contact, but I find the horses are always loopy, its funny. Tokyo riding clubs far too expensive, smack on in the centre of Tokyo near Shinjuku. Hachioji riding club pretty good. I wish they would have turnout for the horses and not keep them in Such small stalls. Theres a high school near my house in Suginamiku who have 2 thoroughbreads. I volunteer to teach there and get the odd demo ride. They seemed to have improved, so im pleased, but the school wont provide a bbsitter for my daughter.
Im off to utsunomiya to practice jumping 1.20m triple on a horse for next weekend s Nasu training farm show. I hope I win.
Just to say, riding is very expensive in Japan, so u have to be pretty wealthy this is why I dont get to compete very often anymore. Theres no chance with me competing with Siena as its a rip off. But I will go to Bajikouen this weekend to watch them compete in the Showjumping and might do some videoing for them.
I agree.. horse Sashimis very tasty.....stop winging to those who cry, i bet you eat beaf, what the difference?
If you wanna get in touch pls contact me
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BACK TO TOPIC! 2007/7/20 17:48
My Japanese penfriend and I were talking about horses recently, as I enjoy riding. She had that there isn't anywhere near as much interest in Japan for horses as there is in countries like England and America.

It seems our cultures regarding horses are very different.
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There are horses in Japan! 2007/8/1 14:37
I live in Zushi, a beach town south of Tokyo on the Miura Peninsula. I recently heard that there was a horse stable on the Miura Peninsula, so my children and I went exploring. We found two: Green Field and Creer Miura. Green Field offers lessons and free riding if you join the club, and they also have "experience rides." It is not cheap, but riding never is. Also, if you are military, there is a stable at Tama Hills recreation area. They offer trail rides and lessons.
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horses 2008/2/3 02:54
It seems fuji riding clubs website is down. Does anyone still go there? I want to know their contact info, location, and prices.

And has anyone been to tokyo riding club? How is it and do they speak any english?
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