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How do you say 'girl' in japanese? 2006/9/9 10:56
hello.. A weird question here, but how to you say 'girl' in japanese? I was thinking of a username to use, and I love Inuyasha which means 'dog boy' I kind of wanted it like that, except to say dog girl instead.. haha. Thanks!
by leslie  

... 2006/9/9 16:26
"yasha" does not mean "boy." The English description of the title of the anime "Inu-Yasha" might be "dog boy" because the character is a boy and is haunted by the dog spirit, but "yasha" itself means "spirit (as in spirit of forest, etc.)," or "demon."

You might have to come up with a different user name; if you come up with a new suggestion I'm sure someone here can help :)
by AK rate this post as useful

wan-chan 2006/9/9 21:40
Girl in Japanese is "onna no ko" which doesn't sound like a good dog name to me. Inuyasha isn't a very nice thing to call your dog really. Shiro and Kuro are traditional dog names in Japan.
by Sira rate this post as useful

Whoops 2006/9/10 02:06
I think the original poster is looking for an "username" to use for herself, not for her dog :)
by AK rate this post as useful

Dog Girl in Japan 2006/9/14 08:52
Try "Inumimi". (dog ears) I've seen this username before. It could be for a "dog boy" or a "dog girl".
by SB-X rate this post as useful

username not dog name 2006/9/14 11:36
Oops, you're right AK! I think I was watching Animal Planet while posting and got confused. If it's a username, then anything goes!
by Sira rate this post as useful

another answer 2006/9/15 15:38
shojo is also a word for girl. Heck their is even an American girls manga anthology out called shojo beat which features Nana, kaze hikaru, crimson hero and other cool titles.

I thought of something cute: cats are considered feminine. the word for cat is neko. You could call yourself nekoyasha: the cat spirit or
onineko: demon kitty LOL!!!
just some ideas ^_^
by friend rate this post as useful

Inuyasha... 2006/10/4 04:08
Yasha really means female demon
youkai is demon
and hanyou is half demon.
They call him Inu-Yasha, because it has something to do with Kagome being his second half, like Yin and Yang or w.e. thats why it isnt Inu-Hanyou.
by Kitty-chan rate this post as useful

Help! Need a name 2007/8/19 03:23
How do you say Kitty or Cat in Japanese. We need a good girl cat name for an Oriental female kitty
by Michelle rate this post as useful

. 2007/8/19 03:56
Neko means cat in Japanese.
by John rate this post as useful

Cat names 2007/8/19 08:32

We need a good girl cat name for an Oriental female kitty

Try "Nyanko" (kitty) or "Mee-chan" (a not uncommon female cat's name that sounds like "miaow").
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

:O 2007/10/25 06:08
yeah Dog Boy would be InuKodomoNoKo if im not mistaken (i didnt look it up, just memory, so i very well could be lol)
try Inu-Onna (dog woman or girl)
by Boom rate this post as useful

Reply to Michelle 2007/12/10 17:25
by Renne rate this post as useful

. 2007/12/10 17:35
Dog Boy would be InuKodomoNoKo if im not mistaken
Unfortunately you are, 'boy' as in 'male child' is translated as 'otoko no ko' - 男の子, a child in general is 'kodomo' - 子供.

I think onineko or nekoyasha are good suggestions. :)
by Haf rate this post as useful

Inuyasha/ Neko 2008/6/26 06:08
Okay I have the answer to the Inuyasha thing and Cat in Japanese is neko (pronounced like nehko). Inuyasha translates to dogyasha (yasha is just a name like Izumi and such). Happy to help,
by Chalise-chan rate this post as useful

Japanese girl :] 2008/6/26 21:52
Girl = Onnanoko
by 1990yuka rate this post as useful

girl / virgin 2008/6/27 16:58
I'm no expert in Japanese, but if I recall correctly from the few lessons I had in the past, 'shoujo' means 'young girl' whereas 'shojo' actually means 'virgin girl'. I'm sure I remember my teacher pointing out this subtle but significant difference. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Can't help with a username though - sorry.
by harkins rate this post as useful

to harkins 2008/6/27 18:41
You've mixed up with two different term, 少女 (sho-jo with long "o" after sh) and 処女 (shojo).
The former means (little) girl, the latter means either virgin or girl.
Yes, shojo also could mean girl, though nowadays most poele use the word for a virgin.
by . rate this post as useful

by. - wasn't I correct then? 2008/6/27 18:58
I'm a bit confused now as you said I mixed them up but then seemed to agree with my understanding of the two terms.
Not that it matters too much to me as I have little reason to use either term.
by harkins rate this post as useful

Girl :3 2008/7/5 01:38
well I think you have the option of using shojo or onna no ko, it might sound a bit weird tho if its inushojo or inuonnanoko hope I helped tho, my japanese is a bit rusty xD
by Onigiri rate this post as useful

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