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Gym in Kobe? 2006/9/11 04:55
Does anyone know if there's a gym or health center in Kobe?

And also, could you tell me the monthly fee if possible?

Thanks in advance.
by phaseshifter  

Gym in Kobe 2006/9/12 22:34
Dis info aint free dog!

Coop Health Sports Club
658-0081@Kobe City, higashi Nada Ward, Tanakamachi T ChomeR-20 (8 min walk from JR Sumiyoshi Station)
Costs to You
*1 time use: Adult 650 yen
*Multi Use (11 tickets):Adult 6500 yen (tickets must be used within 1 year)
*3 Month Unlimited Use ticket: Adult 11,700 yen (For ticket holder only)

There is also a walking deck. Print out the page and have a friend who is literate explain it to you.

Access information to the gym is here: http://www.kobe.coop.or.jp/sports/sportsclub/access.html

Here is the funny part, I have no clue where you live! This gym could be so far out of your way walking half way would be a great exercise! Haha

Link to a majority of gyms in Kobe... I should get paid for giving out this information!
(Naw, justget a six pack and I'll be happy!)
(Japanese language only)
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What tha hell 2006/9/12 22:41
Fitness Club Guid (All Japan)

Ef anyone in Japan eva done need a gym or fitness club, aiz holding you parsonally responsible fer making sore dey done fine one, no matta where dey done live!!!

You digg tha Pimp, sucka?

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Re: Gym in Kobe 2006/9/16 16:41
Thanks for the info PimpDaddyG!

I'm going to be living right off the Motomachi station in Kobe.

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Glad to be of service 2006/9/22 18:27
You are welcome phaseshifter
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How do I join a Japanese gym? 2008/5/25 13:30
I am looking for help with joining a gym. There are three near me, but I don't know what questions to ask ( i speak very little japanese) or what questions i will be asked!
There are three gyms near me, Konami, a local Kobe one, and anonther. Any information on how to talk to the people at the gym, what to expect, etc. Would be appreciated! Especially some japanese to use when attempting to join!
I have no one to come with me to help...
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gym in kobe 2008/5/25 15:22
Meg i don't think you should worry yourself on how to communicate with the gym officials cos somehow you will see someone that speaks just a little english and you will have all the informations you need.And by the way try central sport it's abt 4min walk from JR rokkomichi
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