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Is Fukuoka airport old Itazuki Base 2006/9/28 00:37
I was with the U.S Air Force at Itazuke AFB and enjoyed the city of Fukuoka from 1953 to 1955. I recently read the article in the New York Times about the inovative architecture.
by Everett Halvorsen  

Fukuokaairport/Itazuke 2007/1/10 00:11
Itazuke Air Base and Fukuoka shared the runways. The base closed around 1972 and since the airport has expanded using much of the old air base real estate. If you were to return, you would not recognize the area.
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First Baby born at new hospital 2008/1/10 13:53
On March 26, 1956, Itazuki AFB was open to deliver a baby. It was suppose to open on April 1, 1956. Do you know who the baby was?
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Is Fukuoka airport old Itazuki Base 2008/1/23 04:15
yES!I was based there 1964 to 1966.We shared the runway with commercial airlines.The mayor of Fukuoka had the authority to shut down the runway,which he did in 1965.
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Itazuki air base 2008/7/19 04:32
I was stationed at the air base for rations and quarters only in 1953. Actually there were two posts, the air base and the air strip. The strip seems to be Fukuoka airport. I don`t know what haqppened to the air base. Did they merrge?
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Itasuke AirBase and Fukuoka, Japan 2009/11/20 07:48
I was there in 1963 for three to four days flying in and out doing aerial photography while I was in the U.S.Navy. We almost crash landed there in an RC45J Photo Beechcraft. The base and Fukuoka Airport shared the same runway
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Fukuoka AP, Itazuke AB, Connections 2010/4/16 01:20
Itazuke Air Base was the primary entry and exit point on Kyushu for U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy personel stationed at Brady Air Force Base, Hakata Station, Japan before it was closed down. Itazuke Air Base was also used operationally for various U.S. Air Force and DOD operational missions while it was open. Fukuoka Airport shared runway space and control tower resources with ''Zuke'' AB, but otherwise they were kept pretty much separate for U.S. security reasons. I was stationed at Hakata Station, U.S. Army, August, 1964 to August 1966.
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Fukuoka Connection 2011/3/12 09:00
I was almost born there. My father was stationed there in the early 1960's. He was the crew chief of the f-13. I have seen pictures of my mother and father there. They had told many stories of Japan and how they loved it there.
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Itazuki and Air Anti Squadron 23 2011/3/24 10:43
In the early 60's Sasebo was our home port for the USS Yorktown while on Far East Cruises. Planes flew off to Itazuki before ship entered port. We operated out of Itazuki and let Japanese pilots fly our S2F Tracker. The S2F is a Grumman anti-submarine twin engine plane. The ship was the USS Yorktown, CVS10. She's now in the Patriot Point Ships Museum at Charleston. I enjoyed Japan very much and found the people to be so nice to interact with. I was an enlisted Avionics Technician/Aircrew.
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You bet! 2011/3/29 10:58
It was one in the same. I was there from 2/67 to 1/70. I was in the motor pool then the driver's school. I have not heard from a single soul since I was there with.
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Been There Done That 2011/4/7 22:31
Was stationed in Japan (Itazuli AB) 1963-1965. Was housed at base and was bused to AB Comm Center for duty. Also worked in Mountain Comm Center on base. Played Football for Communication squadron. Love it..
Was also a Civilian in Tokyo area (Camp Zama) in 68 & 69 Worked for Philco Ford....
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Itazuke/Fukuoka International 2011/5/3 10:08
Fukuoka International Airport was indeed Itazuke AF Base. Hakata Station, USA was at a sub-base of Itazuke, Brady.
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Yes Known as the "Strip" 2011/5/19 02:12
Yes "old Itazuke AB" is presently Fukuoka International Airport. I was stationed there from 1955 to 1959 and again in 1959 to 1963. My first assignment was with the 7th FBS, then transfered to the 80th TFS and then into MMS. The second tour was in MMs for 4 years. I was on bomb loading teams loading muntions on F100s and F105s. Itazuke had two locations, the "the strip" and and the annex about 7 miles south east ofo the strip at Kasugubaru. Nothing of the old base is left. As of Oct 2008. It is all Fukuko Airport.
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First group stationed at Itazuki 2011/6/5 09:46
I was a B25 crew chief at Itazuki( the only B25 in the 38th Bomb Group M). The rest of the group consisted of A26's by Douglass.We were the first group to use the new strip in 1946. I have no idea if the original air strip is now the Fukuoka air port.I did enjoy Fukuoka very much at the time.A lot of war damage at that time.
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I was there 2011/7/14 04:50
I was transferred to Itazuke AFB in the fall of 1955 as airborne radio operator in Base Flight. Spent 6 boring months flying C-47s to give flight officers their 4-hours/month to receive flight pay. One incident imbedded: We had an RB-26 which we called a 'hangar queen' as it seemed never to be flight worthy. One final attempt to get it airborne: We heard it's run-up & take-off roll. As it passed Flight Operations, the pilot hit the brakes (which burned out in flames & smoke) & finally looped off the end of the active runway & nose-dived into revetment by ready-hangars of our F-86s & nose gear collapsed. Plastic nose was smashed & had been occupied by a weather officer who crawled out of the plexiglass & sat on runway crying. Crew chief was hospitalized with the only result being diagnosed allergic to petroleum products!!! & lost his flight status! Sad day at Itazuke. Yes, flight line widely separated from administrative section by miles.
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Itazuke Air Strip 2011/8/9 03:04
I was stationed at Brady Air Base, in 1956, which is 5 miles from Itazuke. I was transferred to Itazuke Annex (which was a few miles from the Strip) about a year later and left Itazuke in Dec 1959. I worked in the Headquarter building in the graphic section: working for the Col. Riva who was the Base Commander(of both the Annex and Air Strip) at that time. I went to the Itazuke Air Strip alot in line of my duties. In fact I had to pull 30 days guarding F-100,s & The bomb dumps on Air Strip. This was was the best assignment I had except being stationed in Hawaii (my home state) for 10 years except the 1 year when I was assigned to Vietname and than return to Hickam AB Hawaii. Anyway, everyone called it the Itazuke Air Strip.
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Re: Is Fukuoka airport old Itazuki Base 2012/4/28 12:33
Yes it is. I was there from Sept 65, to Jan,1.1968. I drove a follow me truck for transit Alert 348 Combat Support Grp. My daughter was born at Sasebo. Col Hamil was Base Commander
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Re: Is Fukuoka airport old Itazuki Base 2012/5/24 05:49
Yes. Was there in 1961-62. used to have motorcycle road races on the Brady Perimeter road. Races included local Japanese talent. Base motorcycle club patrolled the 7 miles between the strip and the annex.
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Re: Is Fukuoka airport old Itazuki Base 2012/10/8 10:00
Yes it is. Stationed there on the "STRIP" 1961-1963.
8th FMS Structural Repair Shop. Was the best assignment I ever had.
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Re: Is Fukuoka airport old Itazuki Base 2012/11/19 12:56
yes, it was while i was stationed at itazuki from summer '62 thu summer '64 with 8th ae on f-105 fire control and f100 auto pilot
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