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Dried Ume on Omotesando in Narita 2006/10/5 03:43
On Omotesando on the way to Naritasan, right side of street before the ramen shop. I purchased a dried ume product. I would like to purchase more. Where can I get this and what is the Japanese name for this item? The owner of the shop says he travels to Hawaii to sell this product at Shirokiya in the Ala Moana Center. How can I get in touch with him and purchase this item?
by Nat  

li hing mui? 2006/10/10 04:51
Does the store owner in Japan sell his dried ume in Hawaii or does he buy them in Hawaii? If he buys them, it might be "li hing mui". It is easily found everywhere.

Try googling "Shirokiya" and "Honolulu". There is a great food dept on the upper floor. Beard Papa (cream puffs) from Japan does a special exhibition once a year and other vendors also bring their products throughout the year. Is the dried ume part of a special exhibition? Perhaps you could contact the store manager for the specific dates. You can also check Shirokiya's website and click on their weekly ads.

Comments about Shirokiya:
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Not Li Hing Mui 2006/10/10 14:40
The item in question is not li hing mui. This is a preserved Japanese plum. They sell this at several of the shops along this street (Omotesando). A Shirokiya employee does remember that there is a man who comes in the Spring from Narita, but doesn't know anything else. This item seems to be a specialty type product from this area.
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Dried Ume called Tanenashi Hoshiume 2006/11/21 12:17
Hope you're still out there Nat.
I was able to find out the name of the item and checked with Karen at Shirokiya. She was not able to pull up the upc # located on the sample packaging that I have and also could not find any information within the past 3 years for any kind of demo for the ume.
I have a phone number on the sample that I have in case you might want to call:055-226-6800. Which is the manufacture number in Yamanashi Prefecture according to Karen. My plan B for getting this product will be to contact the tour director and ask if he would be willing to purchase and send it to me. Hope I have been able to help in some way. Good luck.
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Hoshi Ume 2006/11/24 04:51
Thanks for the last response. My friend has been to Japan and brought some back. On the packaging it says that it is "Hoshi Ume." It is very addicting and many of my friends are now hooked on this. I hope Shirokiya will bring some in. The little bag they have with about 8 pieces is only enough to tickle the big toe. We're all fans of this product. Thanks again.
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Hoshiume 2006/12/1 17:16
I purchased a frew packages in Japan on my recent visit. If you find a local vendor let me know. The package I bought has about a dozen dried fruits. I think I got mine in Kamakura...not sure. But the phone number on the package is 0465-42-1381.
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Ume 2006/12/2 00:46
On my recent trip to Japan, I found the Dried Ume all over the Kansai area. You can get it in Hawaii at the seed place at Ala Moana Farmers Market. My friend insists the one from Japan tastes better. I can't tell the diff.
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Dried Ume at Farmer's Market 2006/12/2 14:23
Thanks Mitsuo I will check it out on my next trip to Oahu.
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Tanenashi Hoshiume at Marukai 2006/12/3 04:09
Thanks Mitsu. I will check the Farmer's Market by Ward Warehouse. I actually went to that area to shop at Marukai. They sell a different brand which is the normal (pink packaging) and another vinegar type (gold packaging) for $4 a package. I will go to Farmer's Market today and let you know what I think. I've had 4 different types so far. I think the Marukai pink is closest to what Vert has and what I brought home the first time from Narita. It is so addicting! I now have several others hooked on it.
by Nat rate this post as useful

Will be waiting to hear from you Nat 2006/12/4 12:10
I will be waiting to hear from you Nat....I do hope it is the same as the one I got in my family and friends are addicted to it....I should have brought home an entire suitcase of it.
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Seedless Ume 2006/12/15 19:42
Hey Vert... it's not the same, but it might do in a pinch. It looks the same, but it has a sweet-sour salty taste to it. The one from Omotesando or even Marukai in the pink packaging is closer to what you had and what I like. The information for Lin's Market in the Farmer's Market: Seedless Ume, $13/pound, 1-800-linsmkt. Lin's says this product comes from Japan. I don't doubt it since it does taste like another brand my friend brought home from Japan. Sorry it took me so long to get there and try it out.
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Generally, most Japanese . . . 2006/12/18 07:28
don't care for Chinese seeds, which are popular in Hawaii due to the multi-ethnic background. When I was in Singapore, Chinese seeds are about 1/3rd the price of Hawaii so I bought a lot, and the clerks always talked to me in Chinese, assuming that even in Singapore, only Chinese like the stuff.

It thus surprises me how popular this dried, seedless ume has become in Japan. I think because it does not incorporate licorice, common in many Chinese seeds.

But as one poster mentioned, you can find it ALL over Japan these days; I often see them in gift shops at onsens and other tourist spots, as well as road stops. Some makes are better than others; some more sweetish, some more moist, etc. I bought a pack in Yufuin and most recently, Ito-Atagawa station. The vendor at that big food market next to Ochanomizu Station in Tokyo (Yamanote Line) has good ones, but at 1000 yen for a small plastic container.

You can even find small packs in 7Eleven and other convenience stores these days.
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Hi Nat and my other Hoshiume friends 2007/3/30 14:06
Have been so busy I did not return to this site for a while. I picked up several packages at Marukai...and yes will do....I got all my sister in CA and some friends hooked on OISHI !! Keep healthy !!!

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Dried Ume 2007/4/3 13:37
I too have several people who are now converts of the dried ume. I've been to several places and found that the dried ume looks and tastes the same at Tanioka's in Waipahu, Lin's in the Farmer's Market, and at the Crack Seed Center at Ala Moana. The difference is the price... The Crack Seed Center is at least $16/pound, while the other two places are $13/pound.
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Dried Ume 2007/4/22 10:59
If the dried ume you found is flattened and seedless, it's probably the same stuff I found in Japan (in a pink package) and found in Hawaii at the Aloha stadium swap meet in Lin's market's booth. Lin's market had it in bulk... I think 8 oz packages for 6 bucks. You can order by calling 800-linsmkt. Hope this is what you're looking for. I am most definitely hooked on this stuff and have to ration myself.
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Hi Nat 2007/7/18 09:43
I haven't check out this site for a while....hope you are enjoying your umeboshi. I have settled for the ones from Marukai. Will be going to Japan in Sept so I will have to get some good stuff when I am there. Take care.
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Hoshiume Buddy Vert 2007/7/18 12:01
I'm so jealous. You're going to Japan? Wow. I had some friends bring home hoshiume for me when they went to Japan. One of the recent converts went only for a day and mainly for hoshiume! It's a crazy addiction. I have to ration my Japan stash. I have not touched li hing mui since. I don't even have cravings to want to eat li hing mui anymore. I'm glad you like the Marukai brand. I feel that this is as close to the one brought home from Japan. As for that man I met in Japan, I've been to every Shirokiya event to look for him since the beginning of this year. He didn't show up this year. Hoshiume is soooo good, it's bad. That's okay, got to have some fun in life. Enjoy your trip to Japan. Let us know what you find.
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Hi I lived in Okinawa as a child and then went back and taugth school there for three years in the 70's. I was hooked on the dried sour salty fruit. I have looked everywhere here for it. Anyone know of anyone selling in the panhandle of Florida? Or any mailorder? thanks
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Mail Order Hoshi Ume 2007/11/11 19:08
Try Wholesale Unlimited (online) or the phone number for Lin's Market posted in the earlier postings.
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Found in LV 2007/12/28 03:57
I got some in downtown las vegas at The Beef Jerky Store by Fremont Street.
I too wish I got more. That one is the sweet sour one, but I love it!
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