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Legal age in Japan 2006/10/10 22:39
My friend(24 years old) is dating a 19-year old Japanese girl. If they are being ''intimate'' is this legal?It seems like an ''adult'' is 20, but at the same time Age of Consent seems to be 18? Its very confusing.
by REDF12  

Yes 2006/10/12 19:05
Yes it is legal since both of them are over 18. But I don't know what her parents might say :)
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ok 2006/10/29 22:23
ok. thanks. Its a bit confusing because age of majority is 20 I think, and I also heard about some other ''corruption of a minor'' laws or something. Not sure if they could go with that. It's not easy to figure out what is correct.
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umm... 2006/10/30 03:02
Japanese consider 20 to be adult legal age.
Driving age is 18 and they must go to driving school to learn how to drive to get licensed.
I'm not sure if 18 and 19 is considered as an adult for consexual sex.
Can Uco explain it, please.
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Uco 2006/11/4 22:55
Uco...so, do you know then?
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Age of consent 2006/11/5 00:02

It's 18, as Uco wrote in her reply several weeks back.
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13, but.... 2006/11/5 17:53
When you do a websearch for the age of consent in Japan and you are most likely to find 13 as the age of consent. However, the age of consent in Japan is 13 years old under the Japanese national criminal law code. but note that all municipalities and prefectures have their own particular laws such as Tokyo's "Youth Protection Law" which prohibit adults from having sex with youths who are under 17 years old. So it depends on what prefecture you are in and most of the time it varies between 17 and 18.
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My gf's 17, I'm 19. 2007/8/29 21:48

I have been going out with a girl for the last month who is 17. When I first met her, she told me she was 18 but I only found out later her real age. I live in Azabu and she lives in Saitama. Should I cut it off? Or is 17 okay? I really like her but don't want to go to jail either.

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. 2007/8/29 22:55
Wait until she turns 18, you are on a slippery slope grey area, there with a 17 year old.
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Meh? 2007/8/30 02:37
So if you're an adult it's illegal to do anything with a 13-17 year old? But why is it legal? Or is it something like if you're both underage it ok?

It seems a bitty confusing to me.
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. 2007/8/30 04:03
Simple guideline to use:
If you even think she is too young, hands off.
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