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The Lockup Restaurant Shibuya 2006/10/12 14:05
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi everyone!

I'm living in Tokyo for nearlyy 3 month now and I wanted to know wether someone knows the internetaddess of the theme restaurant "The Lockup"???? I wanted to check the times when there are these specai events ^__~ I wanted to go with a friend and shock her a little bit *laughs*

by Momo  

... 2006/10/12 16:40
They do not seem to have an individual website for the Lock Up restaurant in Shibuya. Rather they link to the restaurant's Gourment Navigator page for details:
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fun 2006/10/12 16:56
the lockup is great! it's right in center-gai and very easy to find...i would think any gyaru (at least) could point you to it (don't let the tan skin and white make up intimidate you! they're nice!)

anyways, i was fortunate enough to celebrate my 22nd birthday at the lockup followed by an all nighter at Ageha, and it was one of the best birthdays ever...so i reccomend it.
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THANKS! 2006/10/13 00:45
Hi & thanks fpr your help! Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the information I was looking for T__T Does anyone knows the "special" event times? I really love The Lockup ^o^ I went there about 4 times and even visited the Lockup in Kyoto *laughs* I would be happy if anyone could help me ^o^ Thanks!
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tel number 2006/11/7 07:49
Please I want to know the tel number of the lockup of kobe city! Thanks!!
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the lock up reasturant 2006/11/9 11:14
I was wondering if someone can tell me what the lock up is.
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. 2006/11/9 11:34
Its a resturant/bar themed as a old style jail house, you know with cells etc, look at the japanese link.
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The Lockup restaurant, Shibuya 2007/5/21 16:53
The Lock Up 33-1 Udagawa-cho (just off Center-gai, Shibuya Grand Tokyo Bldg. B2F), 03-5728-7731. Open M-Th 5PM-1AM, F-Sa 5PM-5AM, Su 5AM-12AM. Even if you have no plans to eat, check out the approach to this theme izakaya, a long hallway more like a haunted house than the entrance to a restaurant. Inside you'll find a dungeon theme eatery featuring test tube cocktails, food with brutal names, uniformed mini-skirt-staff, handcuffs and prison breaks. Plates range 400-820, draft beer 500.
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The Lockup 2007/6/27 02:46
i'd love to try the Lock-up when i'm in Tokyo later this year. They have half a dozen locations in the city. Does anyone know which is the most elaborately decorated or best themed. Any comments on the restaurant would be great

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question about the lock up restaurtant 2007/7/2 17:59
Hi there :)
I will wo to japan on october , and i would like to go to this restaurant , but MUST i made a reservation to have a table on it ?
Could you please tell me , thanks :
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Children at this restaurant 2007/7/5 20:23
My children are 12 / 10 and 7. They are definately not sensitive. Would they cope OK??. They liked the look of it on youtube......
Would we need reservations if going at 5 as they open? Hoping to go on the first day whilst trying to stay awake to avoid too much jet lag.
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lock up 2007/7/11 06:03
Not sure i'd take my kids to The Lockup it's quite spooky and every hour or so the lights flicker and monsters invade your cell.

The combination of that and jetlag might just push them over the edge LOL
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thanks 2007/7/11 20:09
I will probably will give it a miss on the first day then....
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Official site 2007/7/12 18:41
I found the official site of "The Lockup", you can check some prices and location. I'm sure I'll give it a go!


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Ikebukuro 2007/7/12 21:06

That URL is for the one in Ikebukuro. The URL for the Shibuya one was posted by Uji earlier in this thread.
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Eh? 2007/7/25 22:53
I was told at one point there you have to choose a "pill" to take.

Is this true? What's that all about?
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Shibuya Lock-up 2007/7/27 22:58
I wouldn't take your kids to the lock-up. I mean the entrance is amazing and the themed jailhouse inside is great. But after the entrance hallway bit your escorted to your seat in handcuffs by ero kawaii women in short pvc skirts. Loved it :)

So its not really the sensitive factor for your kids, its the exposure factor.

But apart from that I'd say its ok for kids. One more thing you have to duck a lot on the way to the toilet in the Shibuya one. There's lots of low ceilings, but its an adventure and gets more complicated to find when your drunk.
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reservation & price? 2007/7/29 22:09
how is the cost like for the Ikebukuro branch? also, is there a need to make reservations?

Thanks for help! ^_^
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reservations? 2007/9/8 22:23

I will be travelling to tokyo in the following week and will in Shibuya on Sunday. Would like to habe dinner at this restaurant but do i have to make a reservation???
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No 2007/9/9 09:48
No I didnt need a reservation to the one in shibuya.
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