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what happened to Akanishi Jin? 2006/10/12 15:00
Johnny's said he's going to study abroad, but seriously..who would believe that? So he will be away for 3 months (or maybe even forever), he won't been appearing with kttun, and he won't be doing their next single. doesn't that just smell fishy?? but does anyone know WHY????
by jennifer  

Ja ne Jin 2006/10/22 00:00

I spoke to a Japanese friend, apparently the management doesn't like his attitude and that they decided to stop his work for the meantime. Also he was linked with some underage girl getting pregnant. Any truth in that I am not sure but well you know the world of entertainment can be pretty nasty. Not sure what poor Jin did exactly but hope for him the best cos KAT-TUN doesn't sound the same if its just KT-TUN even though Kame is my favourite... it would be very odd not to see them both together :(
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... 2006/10/22 05:43
There's a rumor going around that he was dating a 14 y/o idol named Tokunaga Chinami from Berryz Koubou (which is under Hello!Project). The rumor derives from an e-mail address from his phone corresponding to hers. That's what I've heard. *shrugs* Grosses me out, I hope it's not true, that it's just a rumor. ^^;
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ewww! 2006/10/30 16:32
Kat-tun is a mess
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Jin 2007/1/14 23:35
I think that the rumour about his attitude is correct, because apparently when Kame debuted his single 'Seishun Amigo' with Yamapi, before KAT-TUN debuted, Jin wasn't very happy and made alot of fuss. Also, Kame's starting to star in more dramas and has plenty of work whereas Jin isn't as popular in the jdrama world. Also there was supposed to have been an argument between him and Kame over him debuting first....so the story he's gone to LA to study English is probably a trip for him to cool down....like Uchi (Kanjani8) was kept from public eye after underage drinking...although he's back as a trainee now...
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i love to see more of him 2007/1/25 08:18
i just saw Anego, he is one of the most good looking guys i have seen so far on tv, so it will be a shame to let this guy out of the entertainment world...
i'm not very happy with anego's ending..wish they written a more happier ending..and the special ep .. i hate repeats..ahh
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answers 2007/2/2 18:26
Jin is somewhere in Los Angeles and he announced to the media that he wanted to study English. There have been a few sightings of Jin, but lately he's been hiding pretty well.

As fans of KAT-TUN I think we should all choose not to believe in rumors of there being gaps in the group. It's understandable that they have their disagreements, but it's pretty obvious that they're all dedicated to the group. They do enjoy performing and entertaining.

Jin's supposed to be away for about 6 months, but it's pretty likely that he'll be gone for a bit longer than that.

I was hoping that he'd be the surprise at the next Johnny's countdown. :)

And actually, Uchi was from NewS. The other member that also got in troube for underage drinking was Kusano.
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6 -> 1 2007/2/4 03:27
The official word from the news conference was that he would be on hiatus for 6 months to study language, though the return date remains unconfirmed.

There have been a lot of rumours going around, some hilariously laughable and others maybe not so. I personally prefer to take them with a pinch of salt.

As a fan, I hope he'll return in April 07. It has been four months already.

Everyone in KAT-TUN holds an unique role (as evidenced from the pilot episode of KAT-TUN3 in 2005) and KAT-TUN is just not the same without their 'A'.
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Is Jin already back in Nippon? 2007/4/1 14:26
I personally think Jin IS back! Notice how much KAT-TUN has been all over the place lately?

Think about it:

1. KAT-TUN album will be released
2. KAT-TUN has appeared on lots of variety shows lately
3. KAT-TUN Live Real Face tour DVD is releasing on April 11th

Add them up:
March 16th: KAT-TUN on Music Station.
March 18th: Kamenashi guest on Shounen Club Premium, KAT-TUN performance.
March 22nd: KAT-TUN 1 year anniversary since debut.
March 30th: KAT-TUN appears on "The Wide" on TV.
April 3rd: KAT-TUN Spring 2007 tour starts. (The official poster is still a picture of KAT-TUN 6!)
April 4th: KAT-TUNfs TV show Cartoon KAT-TUN starts.
Aprtil 11th: KAT-TUN Spring Tour 2006 REAL FACE tour release.

Yeah... the timing is perfect!

Jin loves performing, singing, dancing and acting... but he hates the fame. I think he was able to get away and enjoy his time in LA without mobs of fangirls attacking him left, right and center! Now it's time to get back to business. The six months are up and I am truly hoping he's back!
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I heard 2007/4/2 12:57
I read somewhere jin is not really in L.A. but went off to marry a a model that is 4 years older than him, when will the truth show:(?
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puhleeze 2007/4/6 15:19
Guys don't think too much about it. He'll be back sooner or later but even tho its now 6 months i doubt he'll be back. He;s off studying and partying and whatnot and yes there's issues with JE but sit back relax and wait for his return.
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i think., 2007/4/9 21:01
i think hes not studying in L.A and he's just hiding bcoz he got a woman pregnant.,coz a guy pretend that he's one of the stuff in johny's entertainment and call the los angeles community and check if there's a akanishi jin studying there and the community doubt and sais there's no akanishi jin studying here,.
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Confidentiality is ver important! 2007/4/13 20:50
Personal information regarding student status, patients, or clients are confidential. It is against the law to release information whether a person attends there or not, unless it is graduation time and your name is in the booklet of grads. It is for everyones safety and privacy. So if Jin was attending school or such in L.A., they can't tell you that he is.
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for the fans 2007/4/15 11:39
if you are a fan of mr.jin..just belive in him that all the issues about him is not all true...just always remember that everything has a reason...and if there is a will theres always a way,,,
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wuju... 2007/4/15 11:46
i'm still a fan of akanishi jin,,,bwahahahaha...
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huh 2007/4/16 23:55
he's back... but not for KATTUN!!! so sorry T_T bt its much better... at least slap toma making it kunitt *duh*
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Jin's back? 2007/4/17 08:36
Jin's back??? It's been 6 months and still no news about his return...all this waiting and rumours are making me anxious...
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He's studying... 2007/4/19 14:42
The man is actually in southern california believe it or not. I have no friggin idea what he is doing over here in LA but...he is here...whether to study or to take time off.
Hopefully he will be returning to the jpop scene fairly soon. I hope the rumors are not true about his issues with Johnnys.
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Akanish back in Japan 2007/4/20 01:05
According to this Nikkan Sports piece:

Akanishi Jin is back in Japan after a 6-month stay in LA studying English. He will hold a press conference on April 20th.
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it's official 2007/4/20 10:05
It's official, Jin is back from hiatus! It's been confirmed by Johnny's page, http://www.johnnys-net.jp/artist/info/youandj.html.
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