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Where to get Yukata or Kimono in Canada? 2006/10/30 08:58
I was wondering where I can get a Yukata or Kimono in Edmonton,Alberta or anywhere in that area? Thanks
by Miku Girl  

some ideas to pursue 2006/11/1 10:26
I believe there is a famous Japanese Friendship Garden near Edmonton. There is also a Japanese Buddhist temple. I think they have a bon odori in the summer so there should be a Japanese community there. Perhaps you could ask where they obtain the yukata for bon odori?

There may be a merchant in Edmonton or they may order items from Seattle or Vancouver? I'm sorry that is as much info as I know. Good luck in your search.
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Thanks 2006/11/1 23:15
Thanks except it's in Lethbridge =( Too far from Edmonton
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... 2006/11/2 10:19
There are hundreds of kimono shops on the internet, although note that few of them sell real high-quality kimono. Here are some kimono shop listings:
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A store where you can buy Yukata. 2008/3/18 07:38
The store in Vancouver called ''Murata WA Lifestyle Store' sell many selections of Yukata and Jimbei (for male summer cloths). You can see some of the Yukata they carry over their on line store.
Check out Murata's web site at www.murata.ca.
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