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best sushi in tokyo? 2006/11/18 10:42
Tokyo 23-ku
any recommendations frm ppl living in japan ?? i heard of jiro and kyubei thou.. but its very expensive.. is there anything cheaper but taste as good as well?? i heard of tsujiki.. any recommendations there beside daiwa and sushi dai? i juz need some real good hon maguro and ootoro , kohada ..all the traditional stuff..
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. 2006/11/19 21:33
I think if you look for Kohada prepared traditionally, you have to look for Edo-mae style sushi. Jiro and branches is one of them.

I have heard of some but didn't had a chance to visit them. I think there's one called Kiyomizu or Shimizu (the kanji means clear water) which is in Shinbashi area, quite close to Ginza. However I've been told its still rather pricey.

Tsukiji is good because it has many shops, some cheap, so high end, some middle class - but most are the modern style sushi I believe. Anyway you can see first before you walk in.

By the way, I actually find that Honmaguro Ootoro is very tasty, but it has more sinews in them (especially the belly part. Neck part is okay) compared to cheaper Ootoros from other tunas, which are actually quite good too and even more melt in your mouth. The red meat Akami part however, is much better from proper Hon Maguro fish. Just my long term observation eating way too much sushis.

And here's something strange on Youtube for fun.


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Kyube 2006/11/20 23:18
abusolutely,"kyube"(きゅうべぇ)located in Ginza, Tokyo.
This sushi restaurant serves the best sushi in Japan.
but the most expensive in Japan
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Not in tokyo.... 2006/11/21 13:42
Unfortuantely, some of the best sushi at the best price would be in Shimane Prefecture (about 12hrs by bus from Tokyo). Shimane, and in particular the area east of Izumo, is notorious for it's cheap and fresh sushi. From personal experience - MUCH better than anything I had in Tokyo. I was getting a plate of unagi for only 180yen.... Yuuuuuummmmmmm.
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Sushi Dei 2006/12/16 08:53
Sushi Dei in Tsukiji Fish Market. I went there twice the week I was in Tokyo and absolutely loved it. It's a 90 min to 2 hour wait to be seated so be warned.
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Tsukiji 2006/12/18 00:27
The best sushi I tasted in Japan was in Tsukiji market
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. 2006/12/18 00:49
I've been looking around for some great but more affordable sushis (non kaiten ones). Honestly, I saw many in every area I visited and there are some great sashimi options during winter months like KAN-BURI and all TUNAs are good.

Tsukiji is a market so its hard to generally say its best there - the many sushi restaurants around that area can be of various qualities. Problem lies with knowing which are good and which are ordinary. I think the easiest giveaway is the price of the sushi by the KAN / piece or the queue. If its 200-500Yen each piece its going to be really good quality. I think I will visit there again.
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Sushi 2006/12/19 22:05
Unless you eat Sushi everyday, you won't taste much difference between expensive and not so expensive Sushi in Japan (the difference between Sushi in Japan and outside Japan, let's say the US, is obvious), I can recommend a Sushi shop in Tokyo central station, it's located near track 3 and very tasty, fresh and good!
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. 2006/12/21 01:57
Johnny, I disagree with your first comment because as a foreigner who has had extensive sushi experience 'outside' Japan, the first time I ate some poorer sushi restaurants in Japan I was shocked that the quality was appalling.

The rice is generally bigger, has less texture/flavour and the fish smaller in the cheaper shops. Not only that, but the origins of the fish (even if the same type) has great variances. For example, I ate at two sushi restaurants around Tsukiji just today. The first shop I went to was so bad (but its actually recommended?), it was obvious the proportions/fish quality wasn't up to par. The 2nd shop I went to was a lot better, but still nowhere near as good as some of the expensive ones my friends brought me to during previous trips.

However, I do agree with you that the Sushi shop in Tokyo Station is good. I've been there a few times. They don't serve o-Toro however, they only have chu-Toro, and they carry a smaller selection of fish/shellfish than some other places. But its good for what they have, nevertheless.
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Best sushi in Tokyo. 2007/2/10 17:40
''It's a 90 min to 2 hour wait to be seated so be warned ''
You are not wrong Nick.
10 pieces cost me 3800 yens (2005).Just enough for breakfast.
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I think that... 2007/10/27 09:32
I really enjoyed the sushi at Tsukiiji market, but the best I had was at a polace in Roppongi right at the nexus iof ropppongi dori and another street, their name meant something like tsukiiji. Very delicious, 6800 for me and my GF, and we had incredible ootoro.
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Try here 2007/11/19 15:29
Try looking here, might help!

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michelin 2007/11/20 03:26
Sukiya-bashi Jiro won 3 stars of Michelin.
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. 2007/11/20 21:21
There's also another one that got 3 Michelin Stars called Mizutani.

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Mizutani 2007/11/21 00:27
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Several options 2011/7/6 11:17
Ginza Kyubey and Ginza Harutaka are two of my favorites. Here are also some cheap options.

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