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gackt dears.... 2006/11/24 13:53
does anyone know how to become one of gackt's dears?....like so that i can go to certain concerts etc.
by purplespaghetti  

Dears 2006/11/27 11:26
First, do you live in Japan? You have to live in Japan to join Dears. Then it's a case of either getting the paper form (not sure if it's on the website- I picked my form up at a concert) and sending your money via post or furikomi, or joining through the lawsons ticket machine and paying there.
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to...vita 2006/11/27 11:42
i don't live in japan and sadly never been there yet... but when i am able to go to japan i would really like to go to a concert, but on a site that had some concert info. It said that for the concert in i think it was the 2007 one, that you had to be one of the dears, to be able to buy the tickets....by the way how much did it cost you?, was the concert good?
and thankyou very much i've been trying really hard to find out.
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Fanclub only events 2006/11/28 09:29
Ah, yeah, the Training Days Drug Party tour (I will never, ever get tired of saying that name) is fanclub only- I'm going to the shows in Tokyo and Osaka. Tickets for the shows usually run about 6500 yen (about $56). I think I paid more for the Christmas Eve show last year.

Gackt also has overseas concerts sometimes, but you must be a Dears member to go- the fanclub goes from Japan in a big group to party overseas for a few days.

For the regular concerts you don't need to be a Dears member (though there is always a fanclub section of good seats). There will almost certainly be more concerts next year, so no worries. I'm sure you will eventually be able to go to a Gackt live (which are awesome)!
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gackt dears 2006/12/30 10:33
you dont have to live in Japan i thought that the hole point of being in gackt dears was that you didnt live there .. cuz he refers to his Dears as people in the U.S, ect....
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Well ... 2007/2/20 12:52
1. Live in Japan.
2. Join in one of the ways specified earlier--by a paper form you fill out and take to, say, the PO and pay, or by the Lawson machine or whatever.

That's it.


1. Have a friend who lives in Japan sign up for you.
2. Same as above, only your friend does it, not you.

While other artists have embraced English websites and overseas fanclubs, Gackt is a little behind the times in this regard. It's obnoxious, especially since poor gaijin wind up getting their tickets off of shady sources like Yahoo Auctions or via scalpers (I've done both) for inflated prices. If you can become a member, it's worth doing. I plan on doing it very soon, myself.

THEN ... when you do become a member, what happens is you will get a mailer alerting you of upcoming shows. You send off your money (again, this is usually at the PO or whatnot) and if you get a ticket, you'll receive it a bit before the concert. Which is why the "or" method is kind of iffy. Your friend in Japan would either have to mail it to you overnight or meet up with you (or mail it to your hotel) to get it to you.

In other words, it's an incredibly complicated process if you don't meet the very first criteria ... which is living in Japan. Hopefully soon Gackt will open up to his Dears worldwide.
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thanks 2007/2/21 10:39
thanks everybody this was really helpful, though ill hold off for now because im not sure if id even get the chance to go japan at the right time(or japan at all though i probably can go in about 2 years!!!!(that's a long ways away....))but thanks again
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Joining 2007/3/31 06:35
So how DO you join, if you live in Japan? I stay in the Kansai region, Osaka.
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join dears 2007/4/2 09:43
Go to any lawsons. Go to the ticket machine- in the concert section there is also a section marked fanclubs. The fanclubs are organized by artist name according to the hiragana- iirc dears is the first club listed under 'ka'. Just click dears, fill out your info, and pay at the counter. :)
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Wow.. 2007/5/2 07:22
that really sucks! I translated the entire site for nothing? I really hope that Gackt reaches out to here soon, cause that's a bit unfair to his fans over here in the US. I plan to move to Japan, but that's a LONG ways away...
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DEARS 2008/9/30 00:03
Okay...not an answer and I'm not even sure if anybody is going to get this, but I was just wondering seeing how I seem to be failing at finding it. How much it cost to become a DEARS member? I live in the United States and understand that you have to live in Japan and what not but I have a friend who might be willing to do it for me. But before I got and do that...I need to know the price. So how much does it cost to become a DEARS member?
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Another question... 2008/9/30 18:31
This is another question realted to Gackt, Where I can buy the live tour ticket from outside Japan? Anybodys can help me give me the info please.
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DEARS admission price 2008/10/21 00:50
Seriously if anybody knows the price that would be really freaking sweet. :)
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dears admission fee 2008/10/21 12:21
Hi gackt_sama, I found this link...http://gackt.com/japanese/news/dears_information/howto_join....,

The annual fee is 1000 yen, and there's a plan A, B, C with different price. for more detailed you can open it.
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