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Where can I find reasonable priced wigs? 2006/12/5 14:48
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm looking for a place that sells reasonable priced wigs, that look decent (nothing too plastic-like, where you can tell at once glance it's a wig; for example the wigs sold in the Part y goods section in Donkihoti and Tokyu hands etc). I will be using them for auditions and jobs, photo shoots etc so they need to be pretty decent. Back in the US it was not a problem to find them, but here I've seen them going for about Y10,000-Y20,000, and even more and quite often they scream "I'm a wig!". I had some very decent ones back in the U.S., and people never could tell if they were wigs or not, so I know they must exist somewhere here too. Any information is much appreciated! Thank you!!
by dorami  

Sorry - 2006/12/5 15:18
I forgot to mention, I am in the Tokyo area. ^^ Thanks!
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Wigs 2006/12/5 15:42

I know you said you've looked in Tokyu Hands, but the one in Shinjuku (Times Square) does have a decent range of reasonably-priced "proper" wigs as well as cheap party types. I've used them for photo shoots.
They are made by Lapin d'or (se URL below) and cost around 7,000 yen depending on length etc.

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Thanks Dave! 2006/12/5 15:48
I will check this out! Thanks a lot!
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How about...? 2006/12/6 14:05

The shop is in Asakusabashi.
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ebay! 2008/5/5 18:05
sounds odd but i have found nearly all wigs from ebay o be a really good quality and generally cost under 4500 Yen.
i wear a wig every day and people never know. personally i would stay away from real hair ones as they are expensive and difficult to clean. stick with kaneokalon and you wont go wrong. most of the ebay ones are posted from japan... sadly i dont know where from
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Lapin d'or - sale only in japan? 2008/6/7 15:19
can someone recommend more websites that sell high quality fashion wigs?
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