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Christmas gift to Japanese boyfriend? 2006/12/7 09:40
OMG OMG, Christmas panic! Does somebody know what ''normal'' Christmas gifts are to boyfriends in Japan?? I have bought a wallet, is that bad? I don't anything about what I shall get, help!

In the beginning I thought of making him a muffler or something, but that seemed a little bit old fashioned...or I dunno...I'm just a bit lost.

Does someone have a good idea?
by Suki  

my new husband (former boyfriend).. 2006/12/8 02:58
I give him gifts which are personal and a bit frivolous. Things which he can buy himself do not make the memories whoich come from something very personal like a birthstone or handmade jewelry or CDs of your songs or other romantic songs or DVDs.
I think if you put special thought or even make a gift (I also made a muffler for him last year).
Pairs rings are nice too. We had those as well.
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Suki here! 2006/12/8 04:12
Thank you for you answer!

The wallet I bought is actually a famous brand from my country, I thought that could be a good idea. I thought of making him candy too or buy a frame and put our picture in it.

The reason why I'm not making a muffler is that because I do not know how to make one...
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Pair Rings 2006/12/9 11:15
How about pair rings? That's what I gave my boyfriend after seeing it as a gift suggestion in a gal magazine. But, as Umi said, make it personal. We decided to get messages engraved on the inside of our ring, so it's like our secret.

Next year he will be a syakai jin so I've decided to give him personalized stuff he can use at work.
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Suki here! 2006/12/9 16:58
Well, the thing is that I think that he is getting couple rings...but I'm not sure yet and I don't want to buy the same gift *laughs*

He is also going to a salaryman next year, so I thought of buying him a nice watch of a brand from my country, so everytime he looks at it he will be reminded of me (and the time ^-^).

But, do you think that a wallet is bad? shall I put a picture of us two in the wallet to personlize it??
I also thought of making him some Christmas sweet...
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wallet 2006/12/12 11:49
In my opinion, both wallet and muffler are so good.But they are the same kinds:fashion item.And you don't know how to make a muffler. So you should make another kind of gift. I think making something for him is good idea.So how about cooking? For example, is it good to cook something that is famous in your country, isn't it? It is so nice to know each, fashion and culture.
I think it is good for you to gift wallet and something you made to him. Merry Christmas!!
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Suki here! 2006/12/12 23:03
Thank you! I guess I should stick with my wallet idea and maybe make some sweets to him ^-^
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Coupley is the key word! 2006/12/14 02:12
Hiya ^^
Uhm... What about a cupley bracelet?
It'd be nice...
Rings+bracelet whoa! ^_^
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Suki here! 2006/12/14 05:54
Hmm...couple bracelet? does that even exist?

Wont it be just too much to have rings and bracelets matched?

Hmm...but still a good idea, thank you! ^-^
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what a relief ! 2006/12/17 15:43
hi Suki ,

so ! i am having the same issue trying to figure out what gift to buy my bf. after reading these posts i have a better idea of what i can send him :) thank you ! im glad u posted this question .
happy holidays
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Suki here! 2006/12/18 03:07
Hi maya!

no need to thank me, I think that their are more girls out there who actually are having trouble with finding gifts to their bf ^-^

Good luck with yours!
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Christmas in the sand 2007/12/23 04:48
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