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booking USA country band in Japan 2006/12/14 12:43
I have a really great American country music band that I would like to booked at clubs in Japan. Does anyone know how I go about doing this?
Maybe even where to contact a booking agency there.
thank you.
by Lissa  

Name? 2006/12/15 19:10
Can you give us the name of the band?
It might help us help you.
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. 2006/12/15 22:46
If you are makign money you might have to go about getting entertainers visas etc.
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you're kidding right? 2006/12/16 04:08
An american country music band? In japan? Ummmmm yeah, good luck with that.
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yes, country. the artist are unknown 2006/12/16 04:58
The artist is a unsigned artist.
He is along the lines of Garth Brooks or Brad Paisley.
Andy yes, country music is in demand in Japan. so, I appreciate your wish for luck! ;)
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Well... 2006/12/16 11:15
I suppose that the normal procedure of booking, be it any band local or foreign, is to let them hear a demo.

However, I can't imagine gigs being successful unless there is a fan base in that country. I may be wrong, but from what I know, most artists seem to (A) get signed in their own country first and let the professionals do the promoting or (B) get in touch with people who know something about promotion in Japan or (C) just take their risks and come to Japan and knock on doors.

As for finding (B), it would be the same procedure of finding people who can sign you. Just luck and effort.

Why did you think Japan anyway? If you have specific clubs or organizations in mind, I think you can just go ahead and contact them, and if they don't like you you just have to keep on asking for advise and improving yourselves.
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Indie Artist 2007/2/8 06:00
If you are a Indie Artist that has no airplay, unknown, you will probley never go to Japan. I have been in this business for 30 yrs and see artist that want to go world wide when they are unknown in there own town.
There are certain steps you take to make it in this Biz.
Ken Pearson
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... 2007/2/8 07:06
Have you thought of doing shows for the military?

If your interested in playing for the military in Japan, you can try contacting the Army MWR
(You might want to try the MWR for each branch)


I always hear that they are looking for artists to do shows for the military over here. Just an idea, Good luck!

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wow 2009/2/26 04:07
30 years and he does'nt know that local bands play in Japan all of the time, "wow" I've been there once it was great, I know of about 7 local bands from here (Minnesota) alone thats played in japan call and check with different agencys here in the states and they might help, I know of one of my friends band that went there but before they whent they told them that they did not like the way the guitar player looked so he could not go and he had already sold all of his stuff, that was really bad, and just so you know the tour is for 6 months if they actcept you, it use to be 3.
oh yeah and if someone has not been there you should not comment, they like all kinds of music.
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