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70's japanese robot live action tv? 2007/1/5 08:18
i lived in hawaii in the mid 70's and watched a japanese live action tv show about robots from space helping humans on earth, does anyone know what series im talking about? i had a toy of a robot wich came with heart stickers.. i guess as a reward for the good deeds done?
by chuck  

. 2007/1/7 22:10
There were many robot live action shows in 70's, so more detailed description needed.

How did the robot look like? Color? Shape? Size?
by meringue4 rate this post as useful

thanks 2007/1/8 07:15
sorry, i dont remember anything else.. there were varioius robots, all differant shapes and sizes i think, actually. the stand out was the whole going to earth to help people and being rewarded for it. thanks for trying!
by chuck rate this post as useful

Power Ranger Precursor 2008/10/2 11:49
I've been trying to find out the name of a dubbed live action show I used to watch in the 70's as well. It was about kids who turned into rocketships to do battle with attacking creatures to save the earth. Whenever I bring it up, my peers look at my like I'm crazy. Sound familiar? I mean, besides The Power Rangers?
by Molly rate this post as useful

I remember now.. 2008/10/2 13:09
The tv show i was trying to remember is called Robocon, or Do your best, Robocon! or Ganbare!! Robokon..
Sorry Molly, I dont know the awnser to your question.
by chuck rate this post as useful

robot that turned into rockets 2008/10/22 17:25
i dont really know the shows name but i remeber that it was 3 rockets.A father, a son & a mother.The father was giant rocket called Goldar & the would fly out of a volcano to help the earth.They had human forms with antennas on their heads.
by Dante rate this post as useful

robokon 2008/10/22 17:51
Is that the show called "Gambare Robokon"?
by bobo rate this post as useful

Ooops 2008/10/22 17:54
soooryyy,never mind :D
by bobo rate this post as useful

space giants 2008/10/22 23:44
im pretty sure the one your thinking of is called space giants, or space avenger, or ambassador magma.
has info on it, or just google space giants.
by chuck rate this post as useful

yes its the space giants 2008/12/31 04:48
well thanks to the info you guys posted i found out the show about the robot family that turns into jets is called the space giants i remembered pieces of it growing up but could not remember the name of the show .thank you!!and thank youtube!1
by jodykight rate this post as useful

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