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Italian present for Japanese penfriend 2007/1/8 05:55
Hi all!

What Italian present for a Japanese girl??? My Japanese penfriend usually send to me very nice Japanese things but I always send to her something that probably she can find easily in Japan (like clothes...)
I would like send to her some typical Italian object... any ideas???
I know that food can be a very good idea, but I prefer don't send it by airmail, so no food.
What would a Japanese girl like receive from Italy???

Thank you!
by Barth  

. 2007/1/9 02:02
How about one of those Venice glass stone things with mosaic patterns on it?

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.. 2007/1/9 02:22
Or one of those little Venetian mask things, though it might get broken during transit. Or send her a football shirt, you know one of the commemorative World Cup ones. She'd love that.
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calendar 2008/6/24 11:12
i think a special present could be an artistic calendar with subject such as photograph of masterpeice of
michelangelo, giotto, raffaello etc.or interesting panoramic photos of her/his italian favorite city.
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cosmetics!! 2008/6/24 14:17

I think cosmetics made in Italy are very nice.

Especially MAC's cosmetics are good.

I'm a girl, and if my boyfriend send me these present, I really happy.

So your girlfirend will like it!
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How about... 2008/6/24 15:57
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