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Kyoto Ryokon 2007/1/10 11:28
Kyoto City
I will be in Kyoto for 4 days mid January. I plan to stay for 2 nights in the Granvia and would then like to move to a nice ryokon. I have been screening a lot of websites for ryokons, but I do not know what I am looking for: prices vary so much, and the pictures of the food and rooms are very similar! Does anyone have any recommendation for a relatively centrally located ryokon. Is 15,000 yen a night a decent price? There are so many 50,000+ places, but if I can avoid, I'd rather not spend that much. Please help me!
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... 2007/1/11 19:33
If you can afford it, I think you will not regret a stay at a 50,000 Yen ryokan. As good and friendly as the cheaper ryokan can be, the service at a high end ryokan like Tawaraya is again on another level. I personally stayed at the Tawaraya, which was my best ryokan experience so far in Japan, and I am looking forward to stay at the Hiiragiya this summer, which, I heared is on a similar level as the Tawaraya.

The only other ryokan in Kyoto I stayed at so far is the Yachiyo, and, I am afraid, I cannot recommend it strongly.

Sorry, I have no recommendations for a good mid budget ryokan in Kyoto.
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Kyoto ryokan 2007/1/11 22:07
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Granvia 2007/1/11 22:19
If you stay 3 nights or more at Granvia, you get a good discount. Look for the tab on their website. I paid 13000 for a large twin room and 18000 for a large triple room. Good rate for luxury class hotel with free highspeed internet.
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Try Nihonkan 2007/1/11 23:52
Try an inn called Nihonkan. It is a good and price is good.
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ryokan 2007/1/12 00:47
My recollection from a few years ago is that the Seikoro is a good ryokan for a fairly reasonable price (don't know about now, however). It's near Gojo Bridge and has a web site: www.seikoro.com
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How to get there? 2007/9/12 22:38
How to get to Ryokan Tawaraya or Hiiragiya? Is is accesable by foot? or do we need to take a taxi?
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