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facial hair bleach cream? 2007/1/19 11:36
hi, i was wondering if anyone knows the name of any kind of bleach cream for a woman's upper lip, that you can buy in japan. in the states we have jolen brand- is there anything like that here? thanks.
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no bleach cream for face? 2007/1/20 16:16
After I read your question, I went to google for bleach cream for face. However, I couldn't find any of them in Japan. Seems like there are only for legs and arms. Perhaps you may be able to use those, but face is more delicate so you shouldn't.. hope someone else can find it for you!
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... 2007/1/23 17:49
JOLEN seems to have been imported into Japan, but no longer.
Instead of this product, on a major consumer cosmetic review site, someone recommended Kanebo Home Products (sub brand name: Epilat) cream for facial hair bleach, which some people seem to use for making their eyebrows lighter-colored. Try asking at a drugstore for Kanebo Home Products Epilat "mudage dasshoku kuriimu" (literally: cream for bleaching unwanted hair).
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sally hansen 2007/1/30 22:04
hi! does anyone know of a store that carries sally hansen facial care creme bleach?? i am also interested with the kanebo one. can i find this in drugstores here in tokyo? thanks!
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still need help 2007/8/20 00:44
i also need jolen cream bleach (ish) product. looked around for products listed above, couldn't find anything! does anyone have any suggestions???

thank you!
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mail order 2007/8/20 12:49
You can mail-order JOLEN.

http://bijin-koubou.net/?pid=1084627 (Japanese)
email : info@bijin-koubou

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where I can buy Kaneboin Nikata 2008/6/26 22:46
I have my friend live in Nikata but he doesn't know the place to buy it. Please let me know.
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just a thought 2008/6/27 00:45
Generally speaking, the Japanese tend to shave their faces rather than to bleach them.

In fact, even though you can't recognize most Japanese facial hair which appears lighter than body hair, a lot of locals tend to dislike noticing other people's facial hair under the sun and such. I don't agree with them, but I thought I'd let you know.
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Kanebo bleach 2008/8/18 09:26
''Kanebo my care speedy Bleach '' is available at Akihabara yodobashi cosmetic section. This product is for bleaching the body hair. but can be used for face if your skin is not sensitive.
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