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Oakwood Apartments Shinjuku? 2007/1/24 15:04
Has any one stayed at the Oakwood Apartments Shinjuku?


Wefre looking for a clean, affordable hotel in Shinjuku or Shibuya. Other Oaskwood locations recieved good reviews on Tripadvisor.com but are a bit out of our budget. Expedia priced Oakwood Shinjuku at $125 a night. It seems nicer than other places in that range and a kitchenette and washer/dryer seem like great conveniences.

Thoughts or recommmendation?

by cs  

... 2007/1/24 21:46
Hi I am curious about Oakwood Shinjuku too. The pictures I saw are limited and I am wondering what cause the price difference of it and the other branches. To my understanding, not all Oakwoods can be rented for short term stays. I am looking at Roppongi and Aoyama currently. Anyone has idea how long it takes to walk from Oakwood Aoyama to say, Harajuku?
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Oakwood Shinjuku Apartments 2007/1/25 11:24
I've booked a stay at Oakwood Shinjuku for March 17-20 at $145AUD a night. They told me they don't normally allow short stays but occassionally they do. I guess when it's not busy. I'm also curious about the location as the manager told me its about a 5-10 minute walk to Shinjuku Station. Not too sure whether i should cancel this booking and look for something closer to the train station and the other major hotels in Shinjuku.
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... 2007/1/25 21:54
James, do you need to pay any additional charges on top of the $145AUD? What about taxes?
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better rate 2007/1/26 05:15
You may have seclected a larger apartment, but a studio is offered on Expedia for less:

Studio Apartment With a Queen Bed $115.09 (Corporate Rate )

Studio Apartment With a Queen Bed $123.32 (Standard Rate)

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Shinjuku Oakwood 2007/1/26 13:06
I stayed at Oakwood Shinjuku between 15 - 18 Dec 2006. Highly recommend. The hotel is quiet, modern and quite lovely - the sento/bathhouse on the lower ground floor is great at the end of the day. Rooftop terrace is great for views and relaxing. Free Internet. English speaking staff. Good location - just shy of 10 minutes walk from Shinjuku station. It's very close to shopping and nightlife, but not on main drag which I prefer. I liked the bose sound system in each room. Bathrooms are small but fully equipped - better than most name brand hotels I found, particularly as everything is new. I will stay there again on my next trip.
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... 2007/1/26 13:52
I stayed at the Oakwood Akasaka in Nov and I must say it is great value for money. I am sure their Shinjuku apartment willl be great too as it is new. I would any day prefer a service apartment to hotel as the in room facilities and space available is much more than a hotel.
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Oakwood Shinjuku 2007/1/26 22:31
Hi Nana
$145 was inclusive of all taxes. It was 13650JPY per night. CS are your rates in USD?
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rates 2007/1/28 06:50
Thanks, Michael. This is very helpful. Where did you book?

James, Where are you booking? It seems therefs a discrepancy in the conversion. At http://www.xe.com today, it says 13,650.00 JPY=112.973 USD (1 JPY = 0.00827643 USD; 1 USD = 120.825 JPY) So, perhaps our rates are the same, just the conversion is different. I suppose everything is always more expensive than I hope it is.

There are multiple options. These are the ones I found:

Corporate Rate Studio Apartment With a Queen Bed $115.09
Standard Rate Studio Apartment With a Queen Bed $123.3 + Taxes
of $6.17 per night (15000 Jpy Per Night)

Expedia quotes in USD, and uses your credit card to hold the reservation but the fine print seems to indicate that the actual charges may be in yen and charged at time of arrival. I need to call to find out what constitutes a corporate rate i.e. do I just need to work for a corporation or do I need to actually be traveling on business.

Corporate rate Studio apartment with a queen bed phone service broadband tv dvd maid service 14,000 JPY(115 USD)

Standard rate Studio apartment with a queen bed phone service broadband tv dvd maid service 15,000 JPY (123 USD)

Your card will not be charged for this amount by Orbitz. Hotel fees are paid upon check in or check out unless otherwise specified by the hotel policies
Converted rates (shown in parentheses) are provided for your convenience. They are based on today's exchange rate, but the hotel will charge you in the local currency.


Studio13,000 - 14,500
But rates based on a minimum 30 night stay

Corporate Rate, Studio Apartment With A Queen Bed, Phone Service Broadband TV DVD Maid Service Corporate Rate $116.00** (JPY14000) + Tax 5.00 PCT
Standard Rate, Studio Apartment With A Queen Bed, Phone Service Broadband TVdvd Maid Service Standard Rate $124.00** (JPY15000)+ Tax 5.00 PCT
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Oakwood Shinjuku 2007/1/29 11:37
Hi CS... sorry my rates are in Australian Dollars. It's roughly around the same price as the rates you received in USD.

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Question 2007/1/29 13:17
Hi all,

Is there anyone who can tell me how to book the room thru the corporate rate. I will be travelling in 16-24 march and am interested to make 3 room reservation for studio.

Coz i saw James saying he manage to book for short term.

How do i go from the Airport to this apartment. can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

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Oakwood Shinjuku 2007/1/29 14:42
I booked my stay directly with the hotel. I emailed them n asked for rates and was quoted 13650JPY per night inclusive of all taxes. I think this is a better way of doing it as you only make payment when you arrive and its fully cancellable. Hope this helps.

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Thanks 2007/1/29 14:59
Hi James,

Thanks for ur info. Btw, can you please give me the link so that i can book directly from the hotel.

Thanks in advance ;)
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Oakwood Shinjuku 2007/1/29 23:03
Hi Jeslyn

heres the link to the Oakwood Shinjuku site.


Email them for the rates as you cant book directly on their website.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. 2007/1/30 04:26

Thank all of you for your help. I booked today directly with Oakwood for the rate of 14,175 JPY tax inclusive per night for a studio. The rate was comparable with those offered by Expedia et al. I assume James slightly lower rate had to do with length of stay or travel dates or both.

The rep sent me pdfs of the floor plans. The studio seems small, but I understand thats the norm in Tokyo. (I formerly lived in New York so it wont be too much of a shock.) The 2 bedroom, on the other hand, seemed downright spacious unfortunately they werent available for less than 30 days. (We have 4 people so it was a toss up between booking 2 studios or 1 two bedroom.)

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www.oakwoodjapan.com 2007/1/30 16:01
Here is the complete contact details:
Hiroko Amemiya

Sales Coordinator
Oakwood Apartments Shinjuku

7-5-9 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 160-0023, Japan

DIRECT: (81 3) 5338-.5752

PH: (81 3) 5338-3131
FX: (81 3) 5338-3130


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... 2007/1/30 16:20
cs, when are you going and how long have you booked?

I am planning to go in early March and hope to get an available room either in Shinjuku or Aoyama. For those who have been checking up on Oakwood, any reason for choosing Shinjuku instead of Aoyama other than that the later is more expensive?
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booking the apartment 2007/1/30 21:21
Hi, James, when you booked the apartment with them through email directly, was that all that you needed to do? Just email them and book by email? do you get a confirmation code or something? and you pay upfront when you get to the apartment? i dont understand.
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dates+ 2007/1/31 02:33
I will visit Japan March 22-April 4. We booked the OAS of the beginning and end of the trip: March 22 March 26 and April 1-4. We travel elsewhere in between Estill to be determined. (Currently, Im looking at Hakone-Takayama-Kyoto if anyone has any good input there.)

My booking process:
I sent an inquirey e-mail directly to Oakwood (over the weekend) and I had a response waiting for me Monday morning quoting prices and info they needed to book. They asked for a credit card to hold the room, but noted that it wont be charged until I am there. The rep said I will receive a confirmation e-mail soon. I havent received it yet, but it hasnt been very long. Theyve been very friendly and responsive so far.

I choose Shinjuku because my tour book said it had an interesting atmosphere (if not quiet) and that it was a convenient to reach other destinations via Shinjuku station. Prce was also a factor. And Im interested in a particular kind of contemporary Japanese music and there are some record stores and clubs convenient to Shinjuku and Shibuya.
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tried booking 2007/1/31 20:04
I emailed them asking for the 6th to the 19th of June, they emailed me back saying they dont normally allow short stays but will this time but they wrote February instead of June! im emailing them back about it. Also got the studio plans, seems nice. whats difference between studio standard and studio deluxe? im thinking of getting the studio deluxe high floor!

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