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Japanese Street Crepes 2007/2/6 13:56
Hi all,

I have just returned from Japan and I am in love with their crepes!!! I have already bought a crepe machine (I know I am not good with pans and I try to recreate the ambiance as much as I can also).
The problem isc I have tried quite a few recipes (about 10 or more, I think), some of them authentic French, but they don't even get close to the crepes I had in Tokyo. Mine are a bit oily (although I used very little oil) and kind of soggy (not very), not to mention a bit translucent... and I assume most of you know what the ones in Tokyo look like.

Now... is there anybody out there who can give me a good recipe? Maybe you know somebody who works at a crepe stand or something similar... I am losing hope and my mind here :-)

...Please help!
...Thanks a million!
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.. 2007/2/8 07:06
Have you tried this?


150ml milk
1 egg
50g self rising flour
2 tea spoon sugar
10g butter
A little salt


Mix flour, sugar& salt in a bowl and add egg. Beat them with whisk.
Add milk(not cold) & melted butter and sieve them
Cover the bowl with a moist towel for 30 minutes.
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. 2007/2/8 13:02
Sorry for being ignorant but what is Japanese street crepe? Is self-rising flour availble in Japan?
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Japanese Crepes 2007/5/3 13:58
I know a place in Montreal who sell such crepes???? Where are you presently?
Ohh!!! they are awesome... called rolopan.. ummm yum yum... just the way you described...
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Yum 2007/5/4 08:07
Hey I love crepes, I didnt know there were any being sold on streets in japan!!
What makes them japanese compaired to french ones?
I'm very interested now :)
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In Montreal!? 2007/5/10 02:50
I know exactly the type of crepe you are talking about! I was looking for a recipe for them too.

There is a place in Montreal that sell them like that! O.O
The only place I knew of was La Ronde. Where is it located in Montreal?
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Yeah thats the one!!! 2007/5/12 15:47
Misake I am talking about the same one in La ronde... I dunno if there is any in Montreal
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No recipe, still :-( 2007/5/17 07:31
Nobody knows the recipe? I thought that would be very easy to find out, considering how many kioks/cats are all over Tokyo... I am still waiting :-)... and salivating :-)

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Japenese Street Crepes in Montreal 2008/5/23 12:44
Heyjapanese street crepes are in Montreal... New plce opened up on St-Laurent Blvd... downtown corner of Avenue des pins.....
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crepes 2008/5/23 18:16
Could be the pan. In France the crepe places don't use a frying pan but a flat pan. they also use high heat and little oil. At home in France we used to cut an unpeeled potato in 2 halves, stab one half with a fork and dip the cut area(the flat part showing the inside)lightly in oil and rub it around the hot plate. crepes are supposed to be very thin, nearly see-thru UNLESS you use buckwheat flour and make savoury crepes (with meat, vegetables etc.)
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the answer lies...... 2008/5/23 18:40
....in the wrist action!! Get it right and you've got it, wrong and it's cr... instead!
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The Difference 2008/5/24 17:06
Trying to replicate the street crepes at home yourself is very hard, not merely because of a different recipe but because of different equipment. It's like trying to produce doughnuts from Krispy Kreme at home yourself. For crepes, what are the chances you have the special round griddle, appropriate heat source, metal spatula-like thing, etc.? And even if you do, the batter recipe is different.

That said, there are a few major differences that mark Japanese crepes from French crepes - it's unlikely traditional French crepes will come out like Japanese crepes. After reading many volumes of Japanese recipe books, these are the variations from the standard recipe.

- Use of hotcake mix in the recipe
- Use of self-rising rather than all-purpose flour
- Use of soy milk rather than cow's milk
- Omitting egg and/or butter

Different recipes generally make one or two of the changes stated above. As for shop crepes, it's highly likely they use hotcake mix.
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? 2008/6/4 21:49
What is "hotcake mix" :-( ?
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Hotcake Mix 2008/6/4 23:56
Hotcake Mix is pancake mix--comes ready-made.
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crepes bretones 2008/6/6 11:31
I'm french and I use to work in a creperie in bretagne(that is the place where it's supose to be the best one!) well in fact I now make them at home for my familly in Canada, the trick is the flour, In Canada they don't have the same one than in France so maybe it is the same for Tokyo. You don't need to put anything but regular flour, eggs, milk (3.5%) and a small amount of water. 500g of flour 6 eggs and 3 cups of milk 1 of water. You need large flat pan. You put your pan under hot hot heat maybe 7 if it goes up to 8. When it is hot you put a dice of butter ! yes it is the butter that makes it crispy! and you put your mixt(not too much because otherwith it's not going to be thin and it will turn to american crepes.) you have to rotate the pan very fast to put the mixt evenly. The first crepe is allways bat. It sticks in the pan, it's normal, just eat it. The next one you adjust, put more butter!
You should be abble to flip the crepe. You know when it is ready to flip it by loocking at the edge, when it is turning light brown and lifting from the pan it is ready. You can flip it. The other side should take even less time, maybe 10sec.
I sometimes put a little bit of sugar in the mixt but it is not necessary. A little secret is to add a little drop of vanilla.
Good luck!
I don't know if it is very clear! my english in cooking is not so good :(
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Re: Japanese Street Crepes 2013/7/25 08:55
I know this is an old thread, but if you are still looking for an ideal Japanese crepe recipe, then hopefully this will help:

There is a great video tutorial on YouTube made by a Japanese chef which shows how to make and decorate Japanese crepes, to look like that sold in the street shops. Search up "cookingwithdog" on YouTube and look for their "Christmas Crepe" video.

It's really helpful!
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