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Is there a bead shop on Okinawa? 2007/2/6 17:06
I am looking for a store that sells quality beads inexpensively.
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Bead shop 2007/2/6 21:25
I know some bead shop on Okinawa. What kind of beads do you look for? Tell me!!
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Beads in Okinawa 2007/2/6 21:41
I am looking for seed beads as well as Swarovski and any natural stones. I am also looking for supplies(wire and findings).Is there a place that sells in bulk on Okinawa?
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unhelpful suggestions... 2007/2/6 21:48
There is a woman who sometimes has a stall at the Chatan Flea/Free market in the evenings on a Fri or sat night who has beads. Probably not the place to buy in bulk, but she's had some interesting items there.

There are a number of crafty type stores on the island which sell small quantities of beads, like Jusco and San-A. Also I know there are hobby/craft stores around, there is one in Okinawa City and one in Futenma area, however i've never looked there for beads as such.
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beads shop 2007/2/10 11:24
Drive down R58 turn left at Isa intersection in Ginowan and keep going one minute you can see Lowson on your right. The beads shop is little before Lowson. The beads shops name is 'Beasds' maybe. There is hobby shop ' Nijinoie ̉Ɓfclose to Furujima intersection in Naha. There are lots of beads and supplies. I recommend the shop.
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beads at Jusco 2007/10/24 19:21
I just went to Jusco in Okinawa (by big ferris wheel) and they do have some beads and kits. I was disappointed because the instructions for the kits are all in japanese. I asked some of the Jusco craft clerks where beads shops were located in Okinawa..they suggested the Shalimar House of 66cents store (Aragusuku, #: 892-2289).
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Bead store on Okinawa 2007/12/10 07:43
As for bead shops on Okinawa... There is a bead shop called Beans on Route 81 behind Futenma housing on Foster. Find the House of 66, just west of it is a Lawsons. On the other side of the intersection going west it is the 3rd shop. The prices are higher than in the states and the selection is very limited. Go on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon and the sales person might speak english. They are closed on Sundays and are open from 10-6 on the other days.
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bead store part 2 2007/12/10 07:55
Another good place is the "rainbow" store in Naha. It is kind of tricky to find... Here are the directions: Go south on Route 330 (it is about 18 km from the Koza-Gate 2 street intersection). Pass through 2 tunnels, after the second tunnel you will be on a stretch of road that has no traffic lights for a while. On the left side you will see a large building with the letters OCC in red on top. Ther will be the first light right after it. There will a off ramp for Hwy 82 or 83. Right before the off ramp a tiny road conects to the road. Take it it will lead you down the hill to a 5 story light pink biulding with a rainbow on it. That is it. The beads are on the 3rd floor. They run a big sale at the end of the month for 5 days. If the monorail turns on to route 330 you have gone too far. They carry some Delicas, some miyuki and Toho seed beads, Swarovski and other supplies. PS I teach beading classes on Kadena AFB and at Foster. If you need better diretions contact me through them.
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beads okinawa beading kits 2007/12/10 08:18
All of the kits here are in Japanese, but thry the Book store in the Plaza housing area on Rt. 330 between Foster and Kadena. They have english books and a few about beading. Another good tip is the internet someting like beading daily, bead and button, bead work alhave websites. Another great choice is bead patterns dot com ( the have some free patterns). I teah beading here on okinawa at kadena Arts & Crafts.
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