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How do Japanese React to Acne? 2007/2/16 00:44
I am one of the many unfortunate (no offense) people whom happen to have acne (pimples...). I want to go to Japan next year after my graduation. How will Japanese people react to someone with acne? I'm a little nervous about it... -.-
by Sai  

. 2007/2/17 09:07
Seriously, Japanese people have acne too, they aren't aliens from another planet. I'm pretty sure they know what it is to be in your shoes at times, I had a Japanese friend who had acne.

How would you expect people to act? Pointing and laughing? No, I don't think people would react any way. If its serious acne someone might ask if you have a skin condition etc if you are meeting someone, but a simple explaination would solve the problem.
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proactive 2007/2/17 19:18
it works omg it works so well
and if you use it every morning in night for a year! you will be acne free i swear. just remember to get the full package. and also get mosturizer, because it will dry out your skin after a few weeks.
lol i seem like an advertisment
but it really works so well, definatley try it every morning and night until you go there

but in reply to your question, japanese people dont tend to be as rude as americans, so you probably wont get "pizza face" when you go there.
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... 2007/2/17 21:03
People in Japan get acne too. I don't know how embarrassed they are about it, but to me if your a teenager, acne is pretty much a guarantee.

Try not to worry about it so much! Just smile and be nice and polite to everyone you meet and you'll have no problem......We all have something about ourselves we are self conscious about. Enjoy Japan!
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thanks ya'll 2007/2/22 00:38
Thanks. Well, from all the Japanese that I've ever seen, none of them had acne. And I started getting acne around 5th/6th grade, and people have made fun of me up until 9th grade... So ya, I was kind of nervous to go to Japan with acne.
And Proactive doesn't work for me. What's been working, rather slowly though, is keeping what I eat under control and drinking lots of water.
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An Idea 2007/2/27 08:19
Why not go to the dermatologist? I don't know if you've already been there, but it doesn't sound like it considering you say you just watch what you eat and drink water.

Seriously, if your acne is bad enough they will put you on accutane, and that will not only almost certainly get rid of your acne after a few months, but keep it gone almost indefinitely. With all the treatments they have today between creams, gels, pills and lasers, almost all acne can be cleared up.
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. 2007/3/3 22:27
I have adult acne (I'm 30) and haven't had any particular reaction to it apart from one of the kids at work (aged 4) point at my spots and say 'akai, akai' (red, red) but that was more in a curious tone that a jeering one.

Hasn't stopped me getting a good job or making friends, so don't worry about it.

(my future MIL keeps buying me skincare products though *lol*)
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no way!! 2007/3/4 10:42
japnese ppl have the same problem as US also proactiv doesnt work at all if u stop using it it will break ur face back out so dont us it just go to the face doctor the best choice!!!
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depends on how bad... 2007/3/4 16:40
If it's just the regular breakouts, just look around Japan and you'll see enough people have it just like anywhere. Probably more than in Southern California due to the crazy humidity, temperature changes, etc. in Japan.

If it's just regular, noone cares.


If it's a full breakout, strongly consider going to a dermatologist for professional aid and/or OTC like Proactive.

The biggest issue is long-term scarring, which can be minimized. Also, bad acne levels could signal other potential hormonal/etc. problems that need to be addressed.

Really smart to address this earlier than later.
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Go to a dermatologist! 2007/4/17 07:03
I realize people are just trying to be helpful when they say ''Have you tried seeing a dermatologist?'', but really, if the op has had acne since 5th grade, I think they've probably already been. I've lost track of all the specialists I've seen regarding my acne, none of whom made much difference other than helping me discover what doesn't work (just about everything!) However, here in Japan I've noticed lots of people with acne, scarring etc. Just keep in mind that bottles of water are rarely found in vending machines: go to convenience stores instead. They really like sports drinks here, but of course they're filled with sugar and salts etc.
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It is Ok;) 2007/4/19 06:23
I went to Japan last September with very bad cystic acne. People were very nice. No one pointed and laughed (If they did, I didn't notice). I saw quite a few people my age with acne (I am 26). I went all over the place and no one came up and asked weird questions, or gave me dirty looks, or tried to sale me anything in the stores I went to.

Seriously, you will be having such a great time there you will forget about your face and your self-consciousness! Plus, if you want you can buy DHC products cheap in the markets and at 7-11.

As a side note, if you haven't tried Accutane yet, I highly recommend looking into it. I have been on it for 4 months now and I feel great. No more painful cheeks:) I put it off a long time because I heard so many scary things about it and was scared to take it. Me and a friend did it has worked wonders for both of us.
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Acne and Nutrition 2008/6/4 12:44
Acne in many cases is made worse or even caused by mineral defficiencies - especialy ZINC - mineral defficiencies can be caused by whole grains in the diet and other things
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. 2008/6/4 16:48
Sorry, but I just have to say this:
Proactive is horrible. It ruined both mine and my mom's face. We use neutrogena soaps and are happy. Also, after using Clindamycin every day, my acne dissapeared. And as for makeup, MAC doesn't cause acne.
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works for me... 2008/6/4 20:10
I use Proactiv and think it's great- it has helped my skin a lot, although it's not a cure of course. Some people may be sensitive to the ingredients, and no one thing will work for everyone, but it works for many, including me.
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REAL medication 2008/6/25 01:51
I use apocyclin (tetracyclin hydrochlorid). I never had a very bad acne on my face, but my back was so full of pimples it hurt to lean on it.
Sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse.
When it gets worse I start the medication and it takes only two weeks and my skin looks as perfect as ever.

My friends have also used this. The other had very very bad acne. She said this was the only thing that had helped her.

(No I don't work for them. Just my two cents as I know it works well and fast.)

And for the skincare itself I use sebamed products.
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kayui 2008/6/25 07:50
I am horribly allergic to something in Sebamed products- I don't think I have ever been as itchy in my life as when I once tried Sebmed. It just shows how there is no one thing that suits everyone and you have to try various things until you find what works for you.
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tnx! 2011/3/21 11:11
tnx a lot guys!
you know what sai we have thesame problem, i am about to go to japan this year as an exchange student , i'm supposed to quit because i have acne and i thought i might not pass the interview because of my face and japanese might reject me.
i' m so glad that i read all this comments...............
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