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Rinku&Toki Premium outlet -Osaka/Nagoya? 2007/2/17 17:38
Has anyone been to these two outlet malls? Is it more or less the same as the Chelsea malls in North America (they are a sub-division of them). Not sure if it's worth the trip out if it's going to be the same brands as back home.
by beachlover  

Hi, I hope this helps 2007/2/24 01:06
About a year ago I passed through the Rinku outlet mall in Osaka and it seemed like a "American" style outlet mall. Sorry, I don't know about the Chelsea malls, so I can't say if it is similar or not. Well there were many American brand stores at Rinku so I just kept on passing through and did not spend much time there.
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thank you HNL 2007/2/24 02:07
I figured so! I'll shop in town.
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Outlets help 2007/3/4 09:00
Hi my brother in law livs in Nagoya and has been to the toki outlets, he has done a good website about Japan and has a page and some info about what you are after, Hope this helps, go get those bargains.


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more direct link 2007/3/4 09:10
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Wow 2007/3/4 10:15
Wow thanks so much Heath.
I have limited days in Nagoya so I wasn't sure whether to go.

Thanks I appreciate it and thank your brother too!
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Premium Outlets Cheap? 2008/3/10 01:14
hi, i will be heading to Rinku Premium Outlets for a day of shopping. I would like to find out if the prices are worth going for. There are many outlet stores for big brands like Kate Spade, Adidas and Coach. These are usually quite expensive, will it be a lot cheaper at the Premium Outlets Mall? I do not want to take the trip from Osaka all the way to Rinku only to discover the prices are not much cheaper than what I can get back home. :P
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A little translation help... 2008/3/14 17:27
What station to stop at from Nagoya? Thanks!

(I assume it's a shuttle bus from whatever that station is right?)
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. 2008/3/15 00:30
Tokishi Station, around 40 minutes from Nagoya, 740 Yen one way. Here is the English access page:


Then 15 minutes by bus to the outlet.
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Open during Golden Week? 2008/4/28 22:12
Hi, I was wondering whether the Rinku outlet near Kansai Airport will be open during Golden Week 2008?
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Premium Outlets Shop List 2008/6/13 07:46

You can try these:




They're written in English:)

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