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first time japan 2007/2/24 22:24
Hello everyone thankyou for reading this i hope that you can help me and answer sum of my questions. Well first of all i plan on going on my first trip to japan next year in early february. I know that i will probly get a hotel in tokyo sumwhere. so here comes my first round of questions. First is it complicated to get around tokyo? I can speak limited japanese but i do know enough to ask and tell were i would like to go. Second of all i have sumone really specail to me that lives in Sapporo and i would like to know is it hard to get from tokyo to Sapporo? and i dnt understand kana so will there be train scheduals in english? Another thing that is catching my attencion is eating out wich i plan to do ALOT would there be menus in english also? I know alot from what i have read on this site but im just interested in the opinions of other on this next question. While im in tokyo or sapporo is there any places that would be fun and interesting to go to? I as a person am very interested in japanese history and im also interested in the samurai so is there any places that anyone would suggest for me to visit i would be so very happy for your input. I do plan to be in japan for 3 weeks so i would like to be busy most of the time with walking around and seeing what the culture is like and all the historic places of interest. Thank you so much for your input into my question.
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... 2007/2/25 10:28
How to travel between Tokyo and Sapporo:

About the sights of Japan:

As for the language, it is pretty easy to get around Japan without any Japanese language knowedge.

About using trains:
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thanks 2007/2/25 17:45
Thanks for the info but ive already read these things But thanks for the input on the language i feel sumwhat relieved about this. Thanks lots
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... 2007/2/25 22:55
I found Tokyo pretty easy to navigate after about 2 days. The subway system is owned by 2 different companies so that is the most confusing. I know minimal Japanese and it really wasn't a problem. If I asked something in Japanese, most people would answer in english. I was only in Tokyo so Sapporo might be different. Most restuarants have pictures on the menus themselves so eating is no problem. Don't be afraid to be adventurous, try something different! You don't know when you'll make it back and you don't want your memories of eating to be limited to McDonalds. Go enjoy yoyogi park and Hama-rikyu gardens. There's an authentic teahouse in the latter.
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3 weeks Japan 2007/2/25 23:54
When you have three weeks for Japan do not limit to a visit of the cities of Tokyo and Sapporo. Include Nikko, Kyoto and Nara because of history and samurai, as you mentioned. Include Hakone or Fuji five lakes, temple stay at Koya san or ryokan stay at an onsen for gJapan experienceh. For fun in Tokyo, ( besides Disney ) go by boat from Asakusa to Odaiba, day visit to Kamakura. From Tokyo to Sapporo fly ( check offers early ) or do it by train, but then in several steps. Direct trains from Tokyo to Sapporo is minimum 10 hours, even with shinkansen. For Tokyo select a hotel near subway station or railway station, so you can go by public transport from Narita airport and you can go around within Tokyo easily. Travel light and prepare as much as possible. Check if you can get maps of Tokyo, Kyoto and subwaymaps of Tokyo.
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advises ? 2007/2/26 00:15
Hi, was thinking of F & E trip in tokyu & need some advises.

I heard that shinjuku is a gd area to stay.

Any suggestions of hotels / places in shinjuku ard 11,500yen/nite/rm to 19,500yen/nite/rm.

Btw, heard that transportation in japan is expensive.

Wat's the cheapest way to/from hotel to/from narita airport ?

Thks !
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. 2007/2/26 04:34
Wat's the cheapest way to/from hotel to/from narita airport ?

I can't tell you from what hotel because you haven't mentioned a hotel, from Shinjuku station you can read this page that covers all the transportation options you have:

trasportation in Tokyo is expensive

People always say they hear but they never say from where, unfortunately this is another "myth" probaby from people who spent money riding on a taxi from Narita Airport into Tokyo (a 2+ hour ride) (DO NOT TAKE TAXI FROM NARITA AIRPORT).

Transportation in Tokyo is pretty cheap, a base train fare runs from 130yen - 300 yen.
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Thaks lots for the adds 2007/2/26 18:39
Thaks lots both nick and peter. Im sure to try all the foods cause i love most of japanese cuisine and im not shy to try anything new lol. I love to visit parks so ill be sure to drop by the ones mentioned. Is it hard to get to nikko, kyoto, nara all within 3 weeks because i hope to stay in sapporo for atleast 4 days. But I will look up more on the information given thanks alot everyone who put in an answer it is really helping me with my itinerary. Anything anyone else would like to put in would be great to hear. Once again thanks alot for all the good advice.
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advises 2007/2/26 19:34
Hi John / all,

I'm not too sure which hotels in shinjuku provides airport transfer to/from hotel to/from airport.

Any advises of such gd hotels ard 15,600yen/nite/rm ?

With a few lugages to carry, wat's the cheapest tpt from/to hotels to/from airport ?

Btw, which areas in tokyo is nice to stay with cheap to mid-range shopping ?

Thks so much !
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. 2007/2/26 19:39
I'm not too sure which hotels in shinjuku provides airport transfer to/from hotel to/from airport.

Transportation by Limobus is done by a seperate private company from the hotels. Some luxury hotels might offer private car service but for a very expensive price. So most people would either take the Limobus or train.

The cheapest option to Shinjuku I linked in my last post, please read it, it shows you the many options of how to get to Tokyo from Narita Airport. Remember Narita Airport is not in Tokyo, but about 1.5 - 2+ hrs by train or bus.
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. 2007/2/26 19:41
As to which area to stay, that question has been asked numerous times, and many places in Tokyo fit your description, Shinjuku seems to be the most popular, but there are many many places such as Ginza, Ikebukuro, Akasaka etc that fit the bill. I would research the Japan-guide pages to determine which aera you would most enjoy.
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english 2007/2/27 07:58
People have already covered most of your questions, but I would not be too quick to assume that everyone can speak English. From my experience in Tokyo you can get by without Japanese but if you're traveling outside tokyo this can become more of a problem. Most maps and signs will have roman letters on them but NOT ALL. I think this a common misconception because not every sign at every station will have roman letters. If you can manage to learn hiragana this will help you immensely, especially if you are doign this all on your own. As far as food, you can get by with pointing generally.

In short- I think people tend to overestimate the ease of communication in english... it all depends on where you are.
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Shinjuku+ bus to airport 2007/2/27 08:38
I'm not too sure which hotels in shinjuku provides airport transfer to/from hotel to/from airport.

The Airport Limousine Bus picks up at the following Shinjuku Hotels
Keio Plaza Hotel
Century Hyatt
Park Hyatt Tokyo
Shinjuku Washington Hilton
Century Southern Tower
here's a link with its times
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Nartia Airport to Oatwood Apartment 2007/9/3 01:39
Hi I will visit Tokyo in Nov and staying at Oatwood Apt. Arrive Nartia at 8pm, I'm wondering which is the best mode of transportation to use to reach Oatwood. Will there be heavy traffic at the time of my arrival? Is it safe and easy to allocate the apt if I choose to walk from Shinjuku station? Thanks for you kind advise =)
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