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Tsugano? 2007/2/27 20:12
I heard this on some occasions while walking down the street. Some people muttered something quietly as they passed me. Just one word, and the most common I heard was ''tsugano'' or ''chugano''. What does that mean? I wasn't doing anything special, except I look obviously foreign with my blond hair etc. I was doing nothing besides walking, I was neatly dressed and I cannot think of anything I could have done wrong, if they were reprimanding me of something.
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No ward like that 2007/3/3 12:27
There is no ward like "Tugano" in Japanese. So you need not care about that.
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? 2007/3/3 16:46
I want to take more information. Singing male or female ?
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Here is some more information 2007/7/4 20:39
Thanks for answers. I only heard males say that. I may be totally wrong. I don't know how to read or write Japanese, so maybe the word was something different.
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... 2007/7/5 18:25
Now after ALL this time of looking at this word, it occurred to me that they could have been saying "sugeena," a colloquial and male version of "sugoi na," something like "Awesome!" And this is a word that's often used by young guys to express "Terrific," "Awesome," "Cool," etc., so... they could have been saying that about you, maybe they were impressed by your looks, or maybe just this word happened to pop out of their mouth in their own conversation as they passed you along :)
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Thanks! 2007/7/27 06:03
Maybe that was it, I can't think of anything else.

When I say "neat clothes" I mean "not dirty clothes", they didn't look especially cool to me :) Just a dark coat and jeans. The locals clothing, now that's what I call cool!

Thanks again for all!
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