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Jobs in Computers in Japan? 2007/3/5 09:54
in the next few years i plan on visiting Japan to experience to culture and the lifestyle in Japan and possible move their, But before i do that i plan on Staying in the US to go to College and get a degree in Computers/Gaming/Networking, would a degree in these fields raise my chances of landing a job in Japan?
by Brandon  

yes 2008/2/12 11:52
It is sure to help you...
lately jobs in the area around Tokyo and Osaka involving those things have become high on demand... I am currently visiting here in the US to see my family but I can tell you that you are SURE to get those jobs easier...
if you are looking for something else then I suggest being an English teacher as you do not need to know Japanese AND most visas will be sponsored that way another good reason to become an English teacher is because you need only a Bachelors degree in ANYTHING... so yeah English teacher for your first two years is actually a fairly good way to go...
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